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Alcohol And Drug Abuse Policy (staff)

Lucy P

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I have just started re-writing my employment contracts using a template provided by our EECU.


It mentions that staff must adhere to the 'Alcohol and Drug Abuse' policy, although i do not have one of these.


Is anyone else familiar with this policy, if so, can you give me some points that would need to be included.


Many Thanks :o

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Hi Linda


Have you updated it since the ban on smoking in public places was introduced? Have saved your policy away so that I can incorporate it in my next policy update - thank you for sharing....



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Hi Maz

We have always had a no smoking policy inside, for obvious reasons besides the health risk-the thought of a cigarette with all that paper!!!!! The outside part we added last May, so just before the ban.

Of course that doesn't stop all the local yobs using our steps to have a cigarette and leaving the stubs all over the place!


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