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:o Good morning all.


Is anyone else using SIMS?


I am a little concerned and wondered if anyone was in the same boat as me.

I am doing all my profiles on the computer. We have a programme on SIMS Assessment MAnager 6 which enables me to put say whether or not the children can do the ELG and has space for a comment at the end. All going swimmingly, adding comments etc BUT now when I have come to the part when I can produce the document to send home to parents it doesn't seem clever enough to be able to collate the comments from CLL, MD and PSED as they all have more than 1 area of development. The idea was that the comments section for each area was at the end of the subject.


This all seems gobbledy goop when I read it back but I hope that if anyone else is doing there reports this way they might understand what I mean.


If it doesn't work I am faced with having to do it all by hand by Friday!! Not even possible I think!

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Hi Ali -

Sorry - like Susan I read this a couple of days ago and assumed someone else would know more about it. Evidently not, from the response so far. If no one comes back tomorrow, I'll put a link on the front page to see if we can tempt someone to respond...

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Thanks anyway everyone.

I don't know if it is the same as eprofiles but today they were done. No support from the LEA, just lots of late nights and grey hairs. The proforma had over 77 mistakes. None that were anything we did, all the programme and the LEA said thanks for bringing it to their attention, no sorry or anything!

I'm still not happy with finished report to parents, but can physically do no more without being ill for the rest of term!

I love this forum and can't think of a better life line,

Thanks guys


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