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Lucy P

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Hi everyone


I am currently working on this question:


Relevant research into the influences on how children develop and how this research may influence practice


So far i have written about 16 pages, mainly covering


Behaviourism ~ Pavlov and Skinner

Social learning Theory ~ Bandura

Constuctivism ~ Piaget

Social constructivism ~ Vygotsky


My question is, have i covered the main points?? It seems i have written loads but not covered that much!! I am starting to think i should have covered nature / nurture and maturation aswell.


Think i am having a bit of a confidence problem at the moment, i am finding the most basic questions the hardest!!

I learnt all about this 18 years ago whilst doing the NNEB, so i should be able to answer the question :o

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I may be totally wrong because I don't know what has been covered in your 'taught' sessions but could the title of your assignment mean more up to date research? ie: Rose report has influenced the Synthetic phonics now in practice. The EPPE research looked at the environment, teacher qualifications and and more and how these factors impact on practice.



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Hmmm..... i'm not sure!!! :o


Thanks Peggy for the different perspective, one which hadn't entered my mind!!!


I am undertaking the qualification through a training company, so not really receiving any teaching sessions, unfortunately my assessor has been on sick leave for the past 6 weeks, so has been difficult to access support.


She is due to return and visit me next monday so i think its best that i don't go any further until i have spoken to her.

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Hi Sue


Im doing Level 4 CCLD at the mo, although it appears that many questions from level 3 appear in level 4 too.

I've been told that that content of answers needs to be more in depth at level 4. :o

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For my level 3 DPP we had to study theorists - Piaget etc. and also research into influences on a child's overall development. I used info from the EPPE study as Peggy said. Pen Green also had some research projects which I found really interesting. I've posted a link - don't know if it's what you need but hope it helps.





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