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anyone out there got advice as regards joiining a union, have been looking but wow its all swimming in my head....


I want to join as there has been several issue with some things at work and particularly with staff, I am deputy but want to to make sure that I am covered when things go wrong and need advice or information... Also its a way of keeping myself aware of how it all works with should and shouldn't!


Anything greatly appreciated



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Can only answer from my position but I would ALWAYS be in a union, I've seen teachers in all sorts of situations and those with union backing are able to call on that expertise and perspective when needed. You never know when a complaint may be made or a work based situation may occur - I had total union support after a long period off sick and they helped negociate my return to work and gave me a person who was there for ME not the school.


I remember as a young teacher being rather frustrated by colleagues who weren't in a union and wouldn't stand up for the common good, but who were quite happy to take the fruits of that struggle when I'ld lost pay getting it for them!! (particularly in the 80s when pay and directed time was a big battleground. Anyone remember the work to directed time NUT campaign? Filling in our timesheets and handing them into the HT every week. Heady days.)



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There was an article in Nursery World this week about a union called Aspect - Association of Professionals in Education and Children's trusts. The article was about the fact that they have recognised the need for an autonomous section of their union for EYPS, as their pay, job description etc isn't very clear at present. This indicates to me that this union is 'forward thinking'.


Here is the link aspect



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