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Can anyone help me?


I've had no information about when completed profile information needs to be sent to my LEA (Kent) and I'm getting worried because I'm sure that this time last year I already had a disk containing a spreadsheet for the information to be entered into (I did it all myself last year, with the children 'getting on with it' around me as office staff were 'too busy', but that's another story!!) xD


Have other LEA's sent out any information on when the data is due? Has Kent, and somehow I've got missed? I'm getting a bit panicky as I don't want to be doing it at the last minute!! :o


Hope someone can help!


Dianne xxx

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Hi Dianne


The FSP information has to be sent on Friday 9th July for Wokingham LEA.

Do you really have to input the data yourself? Luckily our secretary does all that.


Hope this is of some help



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Hi ther Dianne. We are using the eprofile for the frist time, and we also are awaiting the instructions on how to export the data. Thankfully, no paper and nothing to fill in, I take it your LEA isnt using it yet?


If your Head hasnt heard anything (ie do they file bist of paper and forget to pass it on?), then check with the assesmment dept of your LEA-they will (should!!) be able to tell you what has been sent out to schools.

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