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Guest Wolfie

Here is the beehive but where are the bees?

Hidden away, where nobody sees!

Soon they come creeping, out of the hive



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Ours like the "follow on" to Tommy Thumb.


Tommy Thumb up, (stick thumbs up)

Tommy Thumb down (thumbs down)

Tommy Thumb dancing all around the town (dance them all around in front of you)

Dancing on your shoulders (on shoulders)

Dancing on your head (on head)

Dancing on your knees....... (on knees)

Then tuck them into bed (tuck thumbs under your arms)


Peter Pointer up, etc

Middle man

Ruby Ring

Baby Small


Fingers all up,

Fingers all down etc


I can hum you the tune !!!!!! :oxD:(


Sue J

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Got this from here some time ago, from Peggy I think, our children love it and it's great for gaining attention to.


I've got 10 fingers, have you?


(I usually count them at this point just to make sure before I launch into the rhyme)


1, 2, 3, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (emphasizing fiveness of 5 on one hand, then 10, closing and opening fists)


I have got 10 fingers, and they all belong to me

I can make them do things, would you like to see?


Make them small (close fist)

Make them wide (spread)

Bring them together (as in prayer then hang on just enough time to heighten their anticpation cos they love this bit)

Make them hide (hide behind your back)


Reach up high (in high voice)

Reach down low (in low voice)

Fold them in my arms just so (in a whisper).

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Some of our favourites are:


One finger, one thumb

Peter hammers

If you're happy and you know it

I went to school one morning

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears

I drive my little motor car

Five little monkeys bouncing on the bed

Five little speckled frogs

Five little ducks

Wind the bobbin up

Five boys and girls in a flying saucer

Five current buns


Lots more but I have to go to work. :o

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We do the old favourites:


Round and round the garden like a teddy bear (on own hand)

one step, two steps, tickly under there. (tickle own armpit)


Round and round the haystack like a little mouse

one step, two steps, into his little house. (put finger into closed fist)


Two little dicky birds is also a favourite.

We change the names to include the children's names. They love it, even though it doesn't rhyme!!

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2 fat gentlemen met in a lane,

Bowed most politely, bowed once again,

How do you do, how do you do,

How do you do again?


2 ... ladies ...

2 tall policemen ....

2 schoolchildren,

2 little babies.


We did this this morning and the children enjoyed it, but I can't remember all the words!!

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Hi all - many thanks for your suggestions. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I don't think you can ever know enough finger/action rhymes, or have enough 5 minute fillers stored away in your brain. Have spent this morning at a Pampering course which included baby massage and yoga for children. The yoga workshop was really good and included lots of practical ideas to take away ( not something which you often come away feeling on a lot of courses!!)

Many thanks, Ann x

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I love this thread - thank you for everyone who shared their favourite rhymes.


When I get time I'm going to make up a little booklet for staff to use during spare minutes/circle times etc.


It'll probably be ready in April if anyone would be interested to see it .... in 2015 :o



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Do a google Maz and I'm sure you'll get millions to choose from, and you won't need to type them just copy and paste :(



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Thank you for sharing your charming and very useful booklet.


thanks for the other suggestions also. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's circle time now!



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Wow, many thank for that Marion. Good job I'm only in till Wednesday this week because I think I may be in danger of a sore throat with all this singing I shall be doing!!

Got one of my Annie's bargains today... CD for 2 whole pounds in Tesco's - it's called Songs for Playing Games and looks a veritable feast of gems!!(Although I haven't listened to it yet and I am rather gullible and, therefore, quite easily duped!!) It's got "Roly Poly" and "Here we go Looby Loo" on it .. hurray! :o



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