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With 3 cats, its inevitable there will be fleas but my youngest son is asthmatic and has exzema which has recently reacted badly to the carpet spray. Do any of you have any tried and tested remedies to get rid of the blighters? One has just landed on my newly glossed skirting board! Up until now he was ok with the stuff I used but I need other ideas now.

I know his exzema might have different triggers to other peoples but any ideas on what to try will be welcome :o

Thanks folks xD

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can depend on what treatment you use on the cats as to if you get them in the house... we found (2 cats and 1 dog) that if we used drops from the vet on the animals we never had them in the house, or if we did it was only very brief as the fleas returned to the pets and died on them! we used it once a month and cured them in the house completely, ones in the supermarket dont usuallywork and are different cehmeical and of a weaker dilution than those from the vet.


we found frontline very good for all the animals.

Vet may also have a carpet tratment with different chemicals in it than the ones you buy in a supermarket, before discovering the drops we had a spray one which we put on in the morning before we left the house and then hoovered before my husband or son returned, as they both have asthma and reacted to the sprays, or a powder was better as it did not disperse into the air.


Funny how the pets were not a problem



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Thanks Inge, I should have said, the stuff we use is from the vets, frontline for the cats and Acclaim for the carpets. It was just before Christmas that I did the carpets and his exzema got so bad the GP gave him 3 days off school so he could use the creams intensively. Never had a problem before.

I hadnt thought of powders, I'll take a look.


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did a google and found this site with info on what you are currently using and recipe for a 'natural' way to get rid of fleas.

Hope it helps.

I remember as a child watching my mum, every morning, stand bear foot on the rug by the coal fire (where the cat slept overnight). The fleas would jump onto her feet then she would go out to the balcony and shake them off - UGH.




Hope the site helps.



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