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Not sure where I picked up the idea but painted golf balls around the setting as a easter egg hunt prizes for the most collected. How about an Easter Bonnett parade,

Easter Egg Stomp


Large laminated Easter eggs, taped to the floor, one for each child



How To Play: Every child begins by standing on an egg that has been taped to the floor. Start the music and have the children walk around the room. When the music stops they need to stand on an egg or they're out. Remove one egg after each musical segment.



Bunny, Bunny, Rabbit

How To Play: Have children sit in a circle. One child is "it" and hops around the circle tapping each child on the head and saying, "bunny, bunny, bunny..." until he/she finally says, "RABBIT". Both children hop around the circle trying to reach the vacated spot first.


with reference to presents we get the children to make chocolate nests and we but mini eggs to go in them and the children take these home we also make the usual bunny ears, bonnetts and easter cards

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We're going to make an Easter garden by sowing some grass seed in compost in individual shallow trays. Then when the grass has grown, invite the chilldren to cut it with scissors which they really enjoyed a couple of years ago.


We then add, chicks, bunnies, fresh wild flowers, daisies etc, mini easter eggs.

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we use the following rhyme with egg shapes in colours for the childern to hold and replace the mummy or daddy with a childs name to collect the eggs. They love it.



5 little easter eggs

Lovely colors wore;

Mother ate the blue one,

Then there were four.


4 little Easter eggs,

Two and two, you see;

Daddy ate the red one,

Then there were three.


3 little Easter eggs,

Before I knew,

Sister ate the yellow one,

Then there were two.


Two little Easter eggs,

Oh, what fun!

Brother ate the purple one,

Then there was one.


1 little Easter egg,

See me run!!!

I ate the last one,

And then there was none.



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