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I have been using a small llined note book to record any injury a child comes into Pre-school with. I record the child's name, the date, what the injury is, how it happened and the parent's signature. It is recorded on seperate pages so it is confidential.

I would like to prepare a professional looking form - but finding the time is so difficult at the moment..... :o soooo - - - has anyone got one I could see please and thank you.


Sue J

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I'm sure I uploaded mine in another thread.... but here it is for what its worth. I haven't changed mine yet, but as I was filling it in for a particular child, I thought of replacing the word 'injury' with 'condition' or something similar so that it would cope with the odd things parents tell you to be on the look out for during the session. I think she was telling me that her little boy had an ulcer on his tongue which made eating painful. Not exactly an injury, but worth noting on the form...




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