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** Site Changes Thursday 17th June **


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Hi all -

Just a last reminder that the day after tomorrow the structure and layout of the Foundation Stage Forum will be changing.


I won't go into the details again; for anyone who has missed the first news item discussing what will be changing you can find it here.


There's no need to panic - aside from an unfamiliar layout, which hopefully will be much more user friendly, the site and forum will be much the same as before - but if you do find yourselves a bit lost, please feel free to contact me at steve.foundation-stage.info.


The site will be unavailable from about 9am until possibly lunchtime. If you try to access the site during these times, you will see a message reminding you that the upgrade is taking place.


There will be a forum available where you can discuss any changes - grumble, get excited, throw electronic brickbats at me, and so on - I'll welcome your feedback and promise to try to address any grumbles.


Best wishes,

Steve. :)

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Message for Steve ...........Have gotta ask ........Did this start out as a hobby ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:oxD:(:(:( :wacko: xD :rolleyes: :unsure: ;)



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:D Kind of Janice. It's still fun, but with a very big twist of serious now...


Good to hear you're looking forward to it hali! I'm looking forward to the reaction as well - for good or bad :o

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good luck for tomorrow Steve, hope all goes smoothly :) You shouldn't suffer with any Gremlins, as I think they are all at my house!!!!! xD:D:D



Trea :o

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Thanks both -

I'm still slightly agitated and getting rid of any problems that I find so excuse me if I'm not very responsive!


I'm going to close this topic down now and re-direct others to a new topic I set up for any problems or comments with the new layout!


Which can be found here! :)

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