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Baby Effective Early Learning Programme (beel)

Guest Wolfie

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Has anyone embarked on this programme?




I'm considering it for our setting at the moment and would be grateful for any feedback - or from anyone who has done the EEL programme as it's obviously run along the same lines.


HI Wolfie,

One of the children's centres that I work at is using BEEL - the head of centre is a trainer for it and has used EEL before. I can't tell you too much about how it's going as it's a long time since I did the training for EEL myself and I havn't got very involved yet myself but I know that it's a good tool that can be used for quality assesment of the whole setting and includes everyone involved. I think the work load for gathering, collating and evaluating the information is quite heavy but I know that people found EEL very useful and informative allowning them to refelct on the practice, identify the gaps and make informed decisions about how to address them.


Hope this helps.

You can PM me if you want to talk more.

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Hi Wolfie, we are also just beginning BEEL in our CC. The person who attended the training is doing a training session for the rest of us shortly. I did EEL a few years ago and althouhg it was very helpful, it was an awful lot of work. I think you need to all be happy within the team to take it on, rather than have it imposed, as this can bring about resentment for the work involved.

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A colleague and I went on the training just before Christmas and have just started BEEL. The accompanying literature and DVDs are very comprehensive and take you through more or less step by step.


Currently we're mainly collecting information such as staff biographies and we will shortly be meeting with 20% of our parents/carers to enable us to complete a questionnaire to see how satisfied (or not!) they are with our service (we will send questionnaires out to the rest of our parents/carers for our own reflection, but BEEL only want to see 20%). After a little in house training, we will begin to record observations as set out by BEEL on a proportion of the children and on each other.


It does appear a little onerous (sp?) but we like the very reflective way it forces you to be and is already highlighting to us bits of 'paper work' we have which need improving./developing.


We meet with our Early Years Advisor every other month who is supporting us whilst we work our way through BEEL.


I'll keep you informed of developments.


Would love to keep in touch with others currently undertaking BEEL.



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Thanks for that Beth...yes, I've got my eye on that, although the two people who are running the course - and also developed BEEL - only work just down the road from where I work and they've offered to see me closer to home (Early Excellence is two and a half hours away) so I might take them up on that!

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