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I recently visited this place in Huddersfield and was absolutely amazed these people have got it so right! Well done to whoevever came up with this idea. Has anyone else been as impressed as we were? Does anyone know the background to it ? We all went back to work very enthusiastic which is unusual at this time of year. Our areas have changed dramatically back to the way we all trained and have been wanting to do for a very long time our practice is changing and with the support from this place our head is making all the right noises.

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Hi Ang. I've heard of the Early Excellence Centre in Huddersfield and have long wanted to visit it. I understand that the sell a brilliant selection of resources, equipment, furniture etc. Could you tell us more about your visit and exactly where is it please? Thanks.

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Hi -

I spoke to Liz Shaw from the centre some time ago after a number of members commented on how impressed they had been with their experience. She sent me some material a while back which I'd intended to post, but this discussion jogged my memory.


There's a MS Word formatted document with photos and text which you can download from the bottom of this post - but I wouldn't do this unless you have a pretty fast (broadband) internet connection - it's a little over 2MB big!


Alternatively, here's some more detail from them, and I'm sure they would be happy to send you something in the post if you use the contact details below:


Early Excellence Training and Resource Centre


Early Excellence is a training and resource centre that was established in 1998 by two early years advisers. Situated in Huddersfield, just off the M62, it can be used/visited by all those working in early years to support their practice.


The overall aim of the centre is to promote quality in the early years and lead curriculum development. To achieve this the centre promotes two aspects …


1. Professional Development

  • A wide range of early years courses and seminars are held at the centre. The courses are listed in a Training Programme available each term.
  • There is an interactive environment set-up to show a model of effective organisation and the use of resources within nursery/classroom context.

2. Resource Development

  • Three large rooms are devoted to the display of early years resources, books and images. Two of the rooms support indoor provision such as … sand, water, dough, small world, books, props and listening, role-play, etc. The third room supports outdoor provision displaying resources that promote imaginative and investigative play.
  • A specialised range of early years furniture designed by Early Excellence is displayed within the centre. A furniture catalogue and order form is available.

To request an information pack or arrange a visit to the centre please ring on 01422 311314.


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I live not far from there (well my parents house is about 10 minutes, mine about 40) and I've been in a couple of times. I have to say I wasn't that impressed. There are lots of good ideas and a fantastic shop (all be it VERY pricey). The only thing I thought was that there was 1 big thing missing----- children! It was difficult to imagine how some of these areas would work with children in them, as as they are set out is VERY close together. I guess it is a good place to take people that you want to show how you want things, that's the reason I went with my ex head- as I wanted to show her how foundation stage should be set up. Otherwise I think it's far too overpriced in the shop. I can't comment on any of the training, as I've never been on any of it.


It would be nice to go to get a couple of ideas, but I wouldn't advice taking your wallets with you, as you will come home broke!

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