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We are a sessional pre-school providing 10 sessions of 2 and half hours a week. We have 74 children on the roll and 76 on the list for Sept 08.


As we are on the grounds of a primary school (although run independantly) we have to consult with the school when changing our hours. Our opening times are staggered to help the traffic/parking. If both pre-school and school where to open at the same time it may cause problems.


Anyway, the school has been having 'issues' with parking etc and when I asked wether we could move our times slightly to accomodate a lunch club, the answer had to be no due to parking/traffic.


Anyway, to cut a long story short, we are wanting to get to grips with the new 15 hour entitlement before it comes in and would like to ask how other settings are going to manage this? I dont want to just offer one extended session per day, but if we offered two sessions it would mean there was no gap between them? If anyone has any advice or could show me some examples of how you manage staff who are used to working 'sessions' and having a gap betwen both sessions to clear up ect?


I have read previous posts on this topic but still cant get my head around how you manage children leaving and entering at the same time or children all coming and going at different times??? And how the staff fit it lunch etc.


Any advice on this would be appreciated?



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Just a thought .. but if you don't have a gap between sessions you are no longer sessional and have to re register as full day care... to stay sessional you MUST have time with no children in your care.. we were told minimum 15 mins to allow for collection and late collection of children.


We cannot go full day so had to stay sessional, but you would have to stagger lunch times for staff and perhaps employ extra to cover the lunch periods, or as we had planned shifts which overlapped, mornings and afternoons, which we do now to cover the lunch club. (Peggy gave us lots of help with ours!)



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