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I have some teaching assistants who work throughout the primary age range and when they are with me in Reception they are finding it hard to ask children open-ended questions. I am trying to compile a list of good open-ended questions to be used generically which I can stick up around the classroom so that when other staff/myself are working with children individually or in a group they are easily accessible. Does anybody have such a list or know of one or shall I write it myself?


Miss Piggy

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are these any good??


What do you think about ...?


What could you do about it?


How could we fix it?


Just suppose that...then what?


What would happen if ...?


What else can we use this for?


What is this like?


What will happen if we add this?


What will happen if we take this away?


Why do you think this happened?


How do you think this works?


How did you ... ?


How could you ... ?


How else could you do that?


What's similar about these?


In what ways are these different?


What could you tell me about?


What did you notice about ...?


How do you think we could ...?


Tell me about it.

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Great list Geraldine, now we need some Where, Why and When ones. :o



Easy peasy.


(1) Where are my glasses?

(2) Why am I working through the night (again) to get an assignment finished?

(3) When will I get my act together?


Answers on a postcard please...



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