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my purse, where would you have fallen out of my bag?!

I had it this morning to pay for my petrol and it definately went in my bag.

I went to tescos tonight to pay for the weekly shop and it wasn't there! I felt like such an idiot. Had to drive home and pick up my husband's wallet to pay for it.

I had hoped it had just fallen out in the car or at home where I'd left my bag before, but nope, no sign of it.

I just hope it's in my cupboard at work, else I'm going to have to cancel all my cards etc. What an arse.

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:o What a pain!!

You could always try asking the "finding angels" - concentrate on your purse and ask (in your head!!) the angels to tell you where it is. You may get a picture or a feeling of where it is, or it may just "turn up" in the next place you look - works for me with car keys, mobile phone etc

Good Luck!

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Ooh Andreamay I was just thinking that!


I was given a pink leather pig purse for my fortieth birthday from the ladies at my old nursery - and one of my friends sewed on some pink felt wings for fun. Last year I lost it and was very upset. So the ladies at my current nursery decided to buy me a Radley purse for passing my Foundation Degree - organised by the lady who sewed the wings on my old pink pig (she has since followed me to my new setting).


Lo! the minute I had put the first money into my new purse my old pink pig turned up. So Nichola, perhaps you need to get Joe to go out tomorrow and buy you a new purse - the old one is sure to turn up...


Hope you find it tomorrow - what a pain to cancel your cards and stuff.



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Sorry to hear about your loss Nichola. I guess you have tried the local police station because some people are honest and do hand things in. My daughter handed in a purse with some money in and the policeman couldn't believe her honesty. She knows what it feels like because her purse once went missing in Tesco's. Good luck.

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Sending purse finding vibes your way Nichola, :( if the vibes work and you've found your purse after I write this message, please send them back because the purse finding vibes are definately needed in my house on a regular basis :oxD



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I didn't find my purse this morning. All the cleaning staff and the caretaker had a good look for me.

I rang the police and I had to register it as lost as I couldn't confirm that it had been stolen. I've cancelled my credit card and 2 debit cards that were in my purse, planning to do then rest of the stuff when I got in tonight.






















I got in tonight (early because I knew I had loads to phone) and my purse was on top of today's post! Someone has posted it through my door! Who knows where they found it but EVERYTHING was still in it. Every note of money, every coin, every piece of paper! It has restored my faith in humanity!

Thanks to everyone, just a shame I now have to wait for my cards to come as you can't uncancel them!

Edited by Nichola
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How lovely it was found by someone honest!

If you've cancelled your cards & so have to save money for the next few days............












does that mean you can afford to treat yourself to a Radley purse!? Just to help you recover from the stress & worry obviously!?


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