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Hello everone,


Can anyone help. Is there any chance that anyone can e mail me a copy of thier job discription if they are a Deputy supervisor in a Pre-school. I've been promoted to Supervisor and the assistant that will be taking over as deputy has said that she will not do any more work other than what is on the job discription! Even although it states that a deputy will" Fully support the Supervisor". As deputy I've fully supported my supervisor by taking record keeping home, updating policies, to name but a few. These are not on the job discription. However I would never, never, never expect someone to do this, just because I've done it. I feel as though I'm going to be unsuported by her, by the very fact she is adamant she will do no more!


There may be problems ahead.......


Angie :o

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Hi angie, our committee have recently written out job descriptions (although I'm yet to see the finished articles). The leaders(mine) deputy's and other assistants all have a bit in it which says that they will undertake a reasonable amount of duties outside of their normal working hours. This was to cover shopping, planning, paperwork, all the usual stuff we cant do during a session. No body has objected to this because we all know it's the only way to get everything done and have time to play with the children. You might need to have a quiet word about loyalty and support, but also bear in mind that some people(especially women, because they are the one's usualy in childcare) may not have support at home. My husband used to always ask if I was being paid when I sat down to do paperwork. What a silly question! He is now resigned to the fact that I earn a little for doing a lot, but understands that I love my job, although he does still ask when he can be a kept man! :D:D

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Anige: Ditto everything Rea has said.


I don't have a copy of Deputy's job description but Assistant's job description has the following at the end of it and I'm assuming Deputy's does too!!!


". assist in preparatory work for activities in own time

. carry out any additional duties as required"


Good luck! :)


I personally think "Fully supports the Supervisor" covers pretty much everything that she would be asked to do!



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