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Its Sunday Afternoon And My Brain Has Quit!


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I am trying to list al the positve factors that effect child development all i have got so far is


*good diet

*positive interaction with other children and adults

* regular attendance at a childcare setting- with the emphasis being on regular attendance not whether they attend a setting or not

* financial stability

* placement within family


is there any more?


I have done the negatives and came up with a very long list so can this really be it?



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feeling safe and secure








feeling valued


being listened to


positive experiences


and many more of course!


I am taking a day off today so that is off the top of my head without thinking too hard as my head has had enough as well, good luck

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I know Wendles has said 'being listened to', but actually knowing they have a voice and that they have a right to use it and then be listened to. I hate how people wont answer a child straight away because they are talking to another adult, a child doesnt understand that, but they will if you explain you are talking at the moment and you will listen to them in a minute. Adults can be very rude sometimes :o

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