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Administrator - A Quick Question


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We could/should/might/ be getting an Administrator for our sessional Pre-school. I would like to know how many other Pre-schools have one/for how many hours and what rate you pay - sorry if you think I'm being nosey but have got a Committee meeting tomorrow morning and would really like this to be brought up.


Just a quick 'yes we've got one' and what sort of setting you're in etc. would be great!


Thanks in advance :o

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Hi Janice


We are a charitable sessional pre-school. We have had an administrator for the past 3 years -me!


I am paid for 8 hours a week, term time, at £6.40 per hour, which is my hourly rate as a deputy supervisor too.


If you have any other questions, let me know.

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I too am an Administrator, in a sessional pre-school. I get paid for 10 hours a week at £6.40 per hour. The Administrator's role takes off a lot of the pressure from staff and committee, and provides continuity as committees come and go.

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May depend a lot on duties and role...


for example if wages are included this can take time to do so would be more hours,


I did 3 -4 hours a week for basic admin this was more than enough time, and had extra 2 hours for doing wages once a month, and 2 hours when funding was due. Rate same as deputy,6.50.


Currently it is being split into small areas and members of staff are taking on the roles, such as admissions and waiting list, ordering and stock control, fees and accounts are being done by 2 committee members together, I do wages and someone is joining me in that role so we work on them together.


Its the planning etc that takes the longest and I still get extra hours to do that!




sessional pre-school, charity , committee ,

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Hi - thanks for replies.


I was thinking of about 10 hours per week in the £6 - £6.50 p.h. range.


I am trying to think of a way to take this load off me, so that I can concentrate on the EYFS/planning/obs and spending some time with the children. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Committee do nothing in the way of paperwork except have a paid Treausrer (yes I know don't go there!) and all he does is the petty cash/banking/very basic termly accounts/the wages once a month (but he can't be bothered to do a pay slip to go with it) for the sum of £35 per week. They don't help with recruitment, Ofsted - absolutely nothing.


I was looking at combining his role and some of the admin I do and your replies have helped me!


I am totally worn out and it's worrying because it's only the beginning of the new term :o


Thanks very much!

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My administrator role combines admin and financial (treasurer is, for the post part, treasurer in name only).


I'm sure you know that recruitment should be the Committee's responsibility, as your employer, they are ultimately responsible.


In reality, I support and guide the chairperson in this and many other matters which is only fair because as you say committee's come and go and they cannot possibly expect to know straightaway all that we know and have learned over the years.


I'll say you need to send off this form or that form or follow that procedure, and work together to keep uptodate with the changes that ocur during their time in office and set up new systems between us. It is a two-way partnership. Different people have different strengths.


Having said that I know that theory is all very well, and things do not always go according to plan. Let's just say some years are better than others! :o

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