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I apologise if this has been discussed before - infact I think I may have even asked this question before - so sorry :o


All of my over 1 rooms have free access to drinking water throughout the day. The ones select their beaker from a table, and the 2-5s pour out their own drinks.


What do you do for the children aged 3 months to 1? They are offered drinking water throughout the day - but I don't think it is often enough, and I don't think that staff think about it unless a baby is crying or having a snack or a meal.


Any creative or simple ideas?

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im starting as unitleader of a baby room soon and this is something that im thinking of too.


the only thing is having all of the babies bottles/beakers in a tray within the room so that staff can physically see them and remind themselves to offer the child a drink.


post back if you have any other ideas



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