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Planning For Nursery Areas-


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Does anybody here do a sperate medium term plans for each of their areas- construction, small world, water and sand, book area etc to take in the changes to the area (depending on the topic) listing down activites, learning objectives(ELGs, SS) and evaluation after the 1/2 term?


I would be interested in getting your views. Staff at my setting are reluctant to let got the table(seeing that as the place of legitimate learning) and everything else as play- that takes place after you have finished 'work'.


I have tried various ways of moving them on to construction, small world and role play but they always slip back into the 'safe area'


Any suggestions/ examples of plans appreciated

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Hi Leo,

I've been thinking about this one, too! We've just started to take one area (sand table) and brainstorm all the stuff we would like to cover, irrespective of the current topic, as yet. When that's in readable format, I'll put it on the site. :)

We are planning to put up something on the wall near the area concerned, which staff can glance at, in order to remind them why the children are doing what they are doing, and what we can do to promote their learning. Not an unwieldy document, just a few bullet points, really. The idea is to change this weekly/fortnightly. I'll keep you posted!

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This is an excellent site worth taking a look at:




In particular there is a very good document on FS Planning (all 104 pages of it!!!)


Hope it helps!



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Hi Helen

thanks for your speedy reply.


I have a format for each one of the areas, that I will send out to you. It is a general one with all the possible things that could be covered in each area- and the related ELGs. This was put together by consultants in our Early years team in our LEA. I will locate them and pass them on to you. Might save your work if its what you are looking to do.


The idea was that once laminated and placed near the relevant area, the key points could be highlighted. But the problem (in my setting)is that not all team members look to see what is being covered and it stays general rather than topical to what is to be covered each term 1/2 term.


Fo example- while doing changing the role-play I was to put down specific activites and the areas it would cover.

For sand and water- I want to specifiy that changing properties and capcity will be focussed on for the term etc etc.

What i want to stop is "we haven't had sponges in the water in so I'll put them in today" and the actual learning objective hasn't been considered.Am I over planning?

Ideas please :o

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Thanks libby

Just downloaded the stuff form the website- now I need another week to read through it :o

I wish they would give us dedicated time to do our planning and make our resources.

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It sounds like you colleagues are in serious need of some training Leo!


I must admit we do have the ' havent had the sponge letters out for a while' syndrome but Im Ok with that as I dont want to over plan everything all the time. I can see that you may need it more as your staff seem to need that input. We often ask the children what they would like out as well so we cant plan for what they will say, it is interesting to see what they suggest and why they suggest it.


In a previous nursery I was in, they had a set plan for every area every session and I hated it. So it was ....'monday mrnoing must have the duplo zoo on the blue table' I just cant work that way, but they all could!!!


We dont have specific MTP s for each area as there are so many and we would just end up with loads more bits of paper that nobody would read anyway. So our MTP covers the areas of learning, so for example, the construction area features quite heavily in the 'building' topic in pysical, creative and KUW.

Each person also plans for the ares they are in on a weekly basis- nothing fancy, partly that is a reminder to us to make lots of variety, which isnt easy with such a lackof resources.


We have also started this year to put up languge and possible questions that could be asked by the 'facilitator' near each area eg sand, watre, dough etc. This is particularly helpful to students as they often dont know what to do to support children in these areas.


It is a difficult one to get the balance just right. I do have a bit of a paperwork aversion so the less the better as far as Im concerned. :o


hope that makes sense

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Hi mundia


good to hear from.Have taken a break from my report writing. :o I don't plan out activities in the areas for each day of the week- bec it's nice for the chidlren to come and choose thinngs to have. Sometimes they plan a day ahead and I write it out on the board -so I can remember- (all literacy being relevant to children) but I have untrained members of staff- my ATA has been working in the old Recpetion class- pre FS has expereince of working with young chidlren but necc the understanding,and the other TA is inexpereinced and unqaulified so its an uphill battle to get them to appreciate the FS curriculum and the expectations.


What I want to do now is have some medium term planning that will specify some activites that will take place in the construciton , role play etc so that these areas are seen as part of the learning environment and not just for 'play'. What gets me is when children constructing things are noisy and are told-" there's too much noise, x y and z come and make some playdoh shapes with me here so you can calm down" xD I have suggested to staff that they stand back first observe the play and then intervene not to break it up but to support it with perhaps suggestions and props. But you can imagine how this suggestion went!!! :(

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I've left it at work so will post it to you on Tuesday.

Just gives me enough time to finish the REPORTS!!!

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Skippy - For some reason I am getting "page cannot be displayed" today. Maybe they are having technical problems or something :o


Keep trying that address and hopefully it will work! I hope so beause it is well worth looking at. :)

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