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Growing Mushrooms


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Sounds good, and I don't think they take long to grow. Now where can we put them? I don't think my hubby will appreiciate me filling the airing cupboard!!


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You're sending me back down memory lane. My Dad was a mushroom grower (professionally!). From the age of 14 I picked them to earn pocket money every weekend and during the holidays. You need time for the mycelium to grow through the compost - looks like small white threads, then it will begin to form the mushrooms, the fruiting body, if you leave them they will get larger and open out. Very pretty to start with with dusky pink gills, over time as spores are released they turn black. Once the mycelium has produced a flush of mushrooms it will need some rest time before another flush develops. As someone else said, you can get several flushes. Good luck.


Funny how our senses work. My Dad died 10 years ago. The smell of mushrooms and mushroom compost can bring him back in an instant!


Have fun



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