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I have just discovered this site and was very impressed!

In September my school is changing to single intake for our reception class. So about half the class will only be four years old and a few days! I wonder if anyone else has any advice on planning for this younger age group. Have you had to change things a lot to accomodate the younger age range? Any advice appreciated.



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The advantage of the FS curriculum is that it accomodates the needs of 3-5 year olds and you should eb able to reflect this in your classroom. Advantage is that the whole class settles together and there is less of an upheavel later in the year.


Things to consider whould be organistion fo time- flexible start with carers coming in to settle children.


organistion of space- having activity bays rather than tables- free flow of activites and space.


Teaching/Learning approach- hopefully having more adults in to support all chidlren. using the facilatator- (floater) and focus task approach will ensure that the younger chidlren are not sitting and 'working' in ability groups right from the beginning.


I'm sure you are already doing these things in your Reception class . Just think of 4 year olds in Nursery and you'll be on the right lines. No literacy hour, no numeracy hour and lots of 'hands on' & creative activities- not necc with an 'end product'


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Hi ladybird,

I'm not a teacher so I won't even try to answer your question! :o You've got quite a challenge ahead of you, but you've come to the right place for good advice and support. :) Welcome. :D

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Hi Ladybird and welcome.

I would endorse entirely what Leo has already said. If your provision is appropriate you will not have a problem- think Nursery.


We have done this now for the last 2 years and it is far preferable to intakes each term where the class changes mean a resettling for everyone and it is actually easier for the younger children to settle when everyone is doing so than to come into the established class after Easter.

You may find settling takes longer but come January you will notice that you have a realy well established class. At least that has been my experience!

Some children especially the younger ones may find the day long and need to have less demanded of them in the afernoons but this is easily accomadated. I do believe that children of this age should be having a part time provision at first but this is not always possible. howwever, flexibilty is the key.

I'm sure you'll find this is ok, because you are asking questions to make it so! Good luck.

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Hi ther ladybird, i will also add my welcome :D

I would agree entirely with what has alreayd been said. I wonder if you currently have nursery provision? If you do, then build on what has been done there.


We have had single intake for many years now, so I actually cant remeber when we last had split intake, so you do get used to it. I do hope that you have adequate staffing, as that is one of our major issues. the children find it very difficult going from 13:1 to, at times, 30:1 , and this is particularly hard for the just 4s.


But the benefits are, as Susan, says, the routine and class becomes established and children are not separated from their friends by virtue of them having different birthdays.

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