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The 3 Little Pigs


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I have heard through the grape vine there is a rap version of the 3pigs story, but i am not having alot of success finding it. It's by Steve and greg, or greg and Steve. Anyone heard of it and knows how to find it? Please

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I've heard it and know someone at work has it on a c.d not back in till Monday so unless someone else answers your query before then (and they probably will cos they're great on here) I will post the details on Monday!

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Yo, Hungry Wolf! A Nursery Rap by David Vozar or



Now everybody knows about the little pigs three

But this time it goes a little differently.

You see I made a couple changes. I set it all to rhyme.

Let’s begin our story,” Once Upon A Time...”


THREE LITTLE PIGS were living large and at home

Til the day mom said, “Yo! I want to be alone!”

Go build your own houses now that you are big.

It’s time for each of you to be an independent pig.”


She told her little piggies, “I think I’d better warn ya......"


The first little pig built a house made of straw.

He didn’t use a hammer and he didn’t use a saw.

He finished in a hurry and he laughed”,HA, HA!

I’m done! I’m done! Now I’ll go and have some fun!”


The second little pig built a house made of twigs......


The third little pig built a house made of bricks .......


Now the piggies all knew never talk to strangers.......


“HOWL! I’m the Big Bad Wolf and I’ve come to town.......


He walked up to the door of piggy number one.......

“Little pig, Little pig, let me come in.”

“Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin”

“Then I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.

I’m the Big Bad Wolf and I don’t mess around.”


So he blew down the straw house in one big breath.......


“Little pig, Little pig......"


So he blew down the twig house in one big breath.......


“Little pig, Little pig......"


But the strong brick house stayed right where it stood.......


Well, he went down the chimney but the piggies really got him.......


He jumped right out the chimney and ran so far away

That nobody’s seen that wolf to this very day.

And the little pigs were famous every where they went

But the third little pig still charged her brothers rent.

I told you she was smart. And now you know the story of

THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Oink! Oink! Oink! Bye Bye!

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I use a version from the book 'Three Singing Pigs' which is good. I can't remember all of it but you tell story from beginning and when mummy pig sends them off the pigs sing (Tune 'Knees up Mother Brown) Trotting down the road, Trotting down the road, 3 Little pigs on a big adventure, Trotting down the road. Carry on telling story then when they meet man selling straw/sticks/bricks they sing (tune 'Do you know the muffin man) Have you any straw for sale, straw for sale, straw for sale, Have you any straw for sale to build my house this morning ( then Substitute 'straw' for 'sticks' and 'bricks') When wolf appears you sing first tune again but this time it's 'Running down the road,Running down the road, help me! help me! Someone Help me! Running down the road' The children can pat their knees slowly for the trotting song and quickly for running song as they sing. Hope you like this version!

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