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What Next After Nvq3 Besides Foundation Degree ?


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Have just got my NVQ3 in Childrens Care , Learning and Development . Not sure what route to take next. Have only been working with children for the past 12 months , although I have two children of my own .


Have thought about the Foundation Degree but at the moment with two children at primary school and a hubby who works some long hours the tuturial hours at our local college are not convenient , also not sure about the workload .


what other options are avaliable to me , I am not in a managemnet position although in my previous career I proved my leadership , management and organisational skills.


It seems at the moment that people are being encouraged to do the Foundation Degree , for obvious reasons , but is there any other route to show that you have practical and the necessary work based experince ? In a couple of years time will I be 'under qualified ' if I dont follow on with any more training ?


A bit confused .

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If you really decide that you wish to update your qualifications (but do not feel under any pressure) then you could always do a NVQ level 4 or do you have a specific area you are interested in SENCO, Behaviour Management this could be an option for you. I have a lot of staff who have level 3 who just continue to update their knowledge and skills through ongoing training on activities creativity etc.

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