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Nursery Rhymes In Urdu/hindi


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Does anyone know of a site or resource that has the words of nursery rhymes translated ?


I am working in a multicultural nursery and am having a great time.


The children love to sing by themselves and will often hold a karaoke session independently -with one or two main singers and an audience .


One of the songs they sing is twinkle twinkle little star in an indian language.As neither the nursery nurse or I have any real knowledge of Indian languages we can just sing along with the children.But naturally the children dont really know all of the words(the main singers that is) and we would like to help them sing all of the words.



The first line sounds like..

Chumba , chumba chota starra

if thats any help

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Sorry unafitz,


Searched the internet in vain for twinkle twinkle. :( It's bound to be there somewhere. :( What I did find was this site





But this is the translation of Humpty Dumpty in Hindi (alledgedly - if it's something really rude don't hit me! :oxD )


Humpty Dumpty Deewar pe chadha,

Humpty Dumpty Dhaaad se gira,


Raja ke saare aadmi,

Raja ke saare ghode,

Humpty Dumpty ko kaise jodein!!


Good luck with your quest!! :D

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Another rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star I heard is:


Scintillate scintillate, globule lucific -

Fain would I fathom thy nature specific.


I don't suppose that's a lot of help though is it? I'll shut up then shall I? (shuffles off muttering quietly...)


Sorry Unafitz, but always good to hear from you!

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Hi Unifitz


Have you tried asking parents to help out with the translation?


The rendition I know is in Punjabi:


Roshan, Roshan, chorta tarre

Mai na janaa tukia hai

Unchi, Unchi, duniya hai

Amba pur jaasi moti hai

Roshan, Roshan chorta tarre

Mai na janu tukia hai


Not sure how useful this will be, as I've never seen it written down before!

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Thanks Leo and Beau for the sites - cant find exactly what Im looking for just now but they are great for all sorts of other possibilities.


Sue Zubair - the wording looks slightly different but the rhyme seems essentially the same -the second line seems very close.I'll try it with some of the more able children and see what reaction I get.


I have asked around and the parents and staff who are approachable dont feel they can provide what Im looking for -too shy, not able to write english very well,so many variations you see, and maybe the words will be wrong..... etc


Even the EMAG teacher doesnt feel confident enough to have a go for some reason -and he transcribes text for the school on a regular basis.


So the search goes on......


And ..um ....thanks ...Steve - very good * shrugs and looks bewildered* :o


(it isnt ye olde englishe -is it something to do with LOTR?)

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