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Please help me. Today I have an interview for a Foundation Leader position about 4 miles from my home. The school is in special measures and with my experience I have a good chance of getting the post. However, the job I really want which is 10 minutes from my home and is also foundation leader does not close until January. That means that if I get offered this position today, what do I do about the other job that i really really want???? If I get offered today and don't accept there is always possibility I might not get other one either, but then if I got other one and had already accepted this one, I'd be kicking myself. If I accepted today's post, I'd hate to let them down come February. Both posts are due to start April 08


Can anyone see this far more clearly than I can at present?

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Sadly, not really, its one of those things isn't it? Sometimes you just have to trust to your own personal feelings, which is leading you more, the job you have the interview for or the other one?

If you really feel that the job you want is really the job you want, then Id take a chance on that if it was me, rather than run the risk of taking a job I wish I hadn't. If you wait and go for the other one but don't get it, is it really the end of the world for you? What are the chances of another job coming along that you like?

On the other hand if you get and accept this job, will you be unsettled in not knowing if you could have got the other one?

Only you can really know the answer to tat one.

good luck with whatever you decide, do let us know how you get on.

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I think I'd take my chances for the second job, if it's the one you really want and if personal circumstances allow. I hate the whole 'what would of happened if......'.



You're definitely right. I'll hold out for the second one, it just helps hearing other people say what you already know! Thank you.

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