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We normally give out questionnaires to parents every 6 months in order to review the service we provide, generally receiving positive comments :o


I was thinking about giving new parents a questionnaire after a month of attending with us to check that we are fulfilling their requirements.


Does anyone else do this?


I was thinking of questions such as:


Did you find our prospectus helpful?

Did your first visit to the nursery meet your expectations?

Were you happy with the information given to you when enrolling your child?

Did you feel the trial sessions were beneficial to your child?

Do you know which member(s) of staff to approach to discover information about your child's day?

Have the staff been friendly and approachable?

Do you feel that your child is settling in well?

Do you have any comments on improvements which could be made to our child induction process?


Do you think this sounds ok?!

Are there any other questions in which i should ask?


Thanks in advance for your help!!

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I think it would be a really good idea - often I make assumptions about what parents know only to find out that they don't - so this way you will know what they have found out because we just cannot go through everything with them but there may be areas that they would like to - think I might draw up something similar


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Good idea Lucy. :o

I once was asked by a parent why we felt the need to close the curtains, actually asked 'what were we afraid of, why can't we look in?'.

We had always closed the curtains, but only at collection time, to stop parents knocking the window and waving while we were having a story, songs, etc on the mats. I was amazed it was a problem but could see her point. Its surprising what we can take for granted xD

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