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add a link to an eg planning doc or any other doc I want to share?

Hi Riverview


This probably falls into the category of 'the blind leading the blind' as those of you who have read the children in need quiz thread this weekend will know.


However, when you are replying to a post, underneath the box you type your message - on the right hand side - is a box with 'BB Code Help' in.


When you click on it, another box opens with a whole host of codes appear for whatever you need to do. Type one bit after your link and the other after it and it should work.


If in doubt - click on the 'Preview Post' rather than 'Add Reply' and check it out!


Have a play - I still haven't got to grips with all of it yet myself. Once you master it there'll be no looking back!



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copy the address of the web page you want to link to - very top bar of your screen starts with http:


reply to or start new post, just above the reply window you will see a selection of icons;

b i U aA smileys then a green icon with a small green cross,

select this icon and a new box will open top left of your screen,

paste the link address into this , select OK, then you can name the link, press OK


This will look like jumbled letters symbols in your reply box but when you complete your message and press add reply, it will show as a link in your post. :o


like this



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Thanks and let me try.....


being thich here but how do I link to a word doc that is on my pc?

Way too technical for me but I'm guessing you'd need to upload it.


cue Peggy....



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I think if I understood you correctly, riverview, its an attachment you want?


At teh bottom of your reply box, there should be a box that says something like browse, if you click on that you will get to locate wherever your document is.

After that goto upload, and then add rely as normal. Give it a try?

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