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Mixed Part And Full Time ?


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dues to being oversubscribed next year for nursery places, we have decided to offer a mixture of part and full time places, for the first time. (we have always been full time). Ive usuallay worked with either full or part time children, not both, and wondered how you manage to maintain equal entitlement to both part time groups and also to the full time children.


At the moment our day is structured so that our morning and afternoons are quite different, the morning being longer, for example; having differnt snacks avialable; use of the hall in the morning; cooking etc which we do in the mornings because that is when everyone else in the school are not using the resources. We also have more structured group sessions in the morning, before the children start to flag. How do we then give the children the same entitlment if they only come for the afternoon, and if we repeat a session done in the morning, what about the full timers?


I hasten to add, we will not be having any more staff xD


your thoughts please :o

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Hi Mundia,

my initial thought is yuk!

I've no experience of a full time nursery, only part time with a few full time places for children with a need- medical. social, developmental etc.

I have worked in a nursery in this situation but only ever had 1 or 2 full time children.

We have 2 main feeder nurseries, both of which have some full time places for the reasons outlined but both are nursery schools and not units so don't have the same allocation of resoures situation that you describe.

I think you'll need to juggle your hall timetable etc won't you? Will you need to adjust your session times to make them equal? We've done that in the first week in Reception when the children are part time and it can be tricky.

In 1 of the nurseries the full time children go to different groups in each session. That way the teacher is different, the children would be different anyway and I think they find that the children rspond better in the morning so that teacher assumes resposability for the records etc.

The other nursery is extended day & year anyway and children come early and stay late. I'm not sure they move groups. I know there are different staff for the holidays and end of day.

How many will be part time and how many full time? How will you decide?

I would imagine that might determine how you operate too.


Lots of thinking Mundia.

Good luck.

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mundia -

my heart goes out to you, sounds like you've got some ticklish juggling here! Can't think of anything of the top of my head. Will think about it, tho' and try to have some inspiration!!


Sue :D

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we do have the same problem for our childrens that do 2 sessions on the same day as we run the 2 sessions the same.

All i try to do is diffferent craft activities and if the full timers want any different activty try to accomodate them.

I tend to find they choose different activites that are out anyhow so its not much of a problem :D

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