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I have an interview on friday for a pre school teacher in a day nursery, I dont no much about the post and I have been told everything will be explained in the interview. I come from a teaching background in a school and would like to know peoples experiences of day nurseries and how the role will be different to a school teacher



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Congratulations on being called for interview, and good luck :o

For me, the main difference for a teacher between school and a day nursery is that you will be working closely with lots of other practitioners, so an ability to work as an active, reliable team member is crucial. You may well also be asked to lead in a particular area, eg observation and assessment, partnership with parents, SEN/inclusion, etc. Communication between all members of staff is a tricky one, because, unlike a school where a weekly staff meeting is usual, a daycare setting may not be able to hold frequent, regular meetings for all staff to attend due to staff shifts.

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