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Hi all. I am in the process of filling in a very long application form for a accelerated leadership programme and am struggling with one of the questions. The questions is titled 'Developing and enabling others - continually encourages others to perform to the best of thier abilities and challenges underperformance'. You have to say how you would help another adult to perform to the best of their abilities if that currently wasn't the case. Any ideas???? Anyone share any examples when they have done this and exactly what they did.

Any input would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks x

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Hi Rachel -

I'm sure you'll get more up to date responses, but we did an article a long time ago now about personal development planning, which you might get some ideas from. You can find it here - it has a couple of sample forms - self appraisal, summary of PDP meeting etc. You might get some ideas from reading through this. :o


Crikey, I've just seen the date we published it - November 2003. Was I even alive that long ago?

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Thanks for the link Steve, have looked at the article and will definately be able to use elements however as I am not currently responsible for PM or apprisals for staff it is limited for me. The application form is for teachers pre threshold so it needs to be a more general example I think of when I have challenged another adult who was not performing to the best of thier abilities. Please could anybody give me an example of when they have done this and what would be the correct procedure to challenge this person and ensure they improve. The example can't involve anyone else, e.g. HT or manager or whatever - it's got to be what you did.

Please help

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I think any incident of under performance would have to be observed objectivly, ie: specific, measurable ( to job description) , you would then need to have a procedure in which the identified under performance is discussed fairly with the member of staff, opportunities for him/her to state his/her case, then set achievable clear targets for improvement, a timescale for when they should be achieved, how this improvement will be measured, has the person got the resources to achieve the targets, including time etc. The consequences if improvement isn't seen, ie: further training identified and planned for, including cost.


If the performance contravenes policy or standards (law) then disciplinary procedure needs to be followed.


Hope this helps, didn't feel it was appropriatte to give a case study of own experience as I guess the work should come from your personal experience of dealing with such an issue.


Good luck with your application.




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