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PLEASE HELP ME, we are doing diwali next week and really need help with acitivitites they could do about diwali in their topic books, thought about doing fireworks pictures, please help me with any other ideas they would me much appreciated.

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At our preschool we've got one of our parents coming in to show the children some photos of her family celebrating Diwali, she's also bringing in coloured paint powder for the children to make patterns with outdoors....apparantly, you use a tool like a flour sifter to do it.....and sweets (she says there's lots of sweets with diwali!! ....oh, i shall have to be strong!!).We can't do the Mhendi patterns directly onto the childrens hands, because some of the materials used can badly affect childrens skin..apparantly, it can badly burn........so we are going to look at pictures instead, then have some resources ready for the children to make their own rangoli patterns on , so paper, scissors and crayons, paints, felt tips ect, so they can draw round their hands, cut them out and then decorate them. I'm not sure what else she's bringing.......she says she's off to visit her mum, 'who has lots of bits and pieces' for us..... I can't wait!!

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Mendhi patterns on the hands are good. Have some drawn out and then let them design their own patterns or let them draw around their own hands.


Hand painting on the paintng easels.


Rangoli patterns for the front door step are also good. However as you say they can't do these outside, so a sheet of paper/card again with the pattern on is good. Use glitter or coloured sand to colour them in with.


Diva lights are good. We used old CD's one year and stuck a t-light in the middle of it. The children then decorated the CD with stickers. WARNING MUST BE SENT TO PARENTS TO NOT LIGHT THE T-LIGHT.


Have also made necklace garlands, out of flowers, pasta etc.


We have also used bread rolls to make Diva's. Hollow out the middle, leaving a base, cook them in the microwave until they are dry and then paint them and decorate them. Make sure the hole is big enough for the t-light to fit in once they have been cooked as they shrink!.


You can also sing the song attached (although i'm sure you already know it)




Hope this helps.

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I think that rangoli patterns are the ones on the doorstep and mehndi patterns are the indian art of decorating hands with henna, which is used for celebrations such as Eid, or weddings etc.

Try here www.diwalifestival.org/diwali-traditions-customs.html

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We had a short week, but we were able to have a very enjoyable one from beginning to end. Hope this can provide some ideas for next year.




Check this web site: Communication4all. It has a firework number formation activity you might try. We have Windows 2000 in our class PC and it doesn't work with it, but it does with Windows XP.


Fireworks Number Formation


I have this PPP, but it doesn't say who is the author... sorry :o



The Story of Rama and Sita


It is a pity that I didn't take a photo of the final results of our diva lamps. They children enjoyed it a lot. I took the idea from someone here in the forum. I think she downloaded the photo do the forum. Maybe in the Resource Bank? Was it Peggy?


Have fun!

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