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Hi i am a novice on the computer only been online for a week.

my friend told me about this site and i would just like to say well done.

What a great web site

Please help i am doing a topic on people who help us, any ideas would be welcome.

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You could show the children a book about firemen, police e.g. and then get them to draw some pictures.


Make a firemans helmet


Turn the hone corner into a police station, fire station, hospital


Make hospitals, fire stations out of junk


You could do a wall display and get the children to cut pictures out of magazines.


Hope this helps :o

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We have just finished the theme People in our Community. We had lots of visitors - Fire Brigade, Police, Postman, Paramedic, Nurse, Vicar, Librarian, Musician, Akela (cub leader), Basket ball players, all telling us about their role in our community. Some of them bought vehicles for us all to look at and get into, Akela told us about cubs and camping and badges, etc. We made tents and had camp fire songs. We also made badges. The vicar brought her guitar and taught us a new song. We had a doctors surgery using the plasters and bandages the nurse brought us. In fact it was a very busy half term and the children learnt a lot. Their favourite visitor was the Fire Brigade, they got into the fire engine and tried on the hats, and even used the hoses.

We made police helmets, fire engines from 'junk' boxes, played basket ball, made tents, etc, etc.

Other years we have had, a chef, fisherman and waitress.

There are lots of people who help us - teachers, shop assistants, breakdown (RAC), mummies, daddies, grandparents, friends.


Now I am making a book called People in our Community using all the photos I took. It will go into the bookcorner and we know from past experiences that it will be well looked at. The children love looking at photos of themselves and re living the visits.


Good luck and enjoy it! :D:D


Sue J

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Hi sassy!

Welcome in and enjoy!


This is a great topic, 'specially if you've got friendly fire, ambulance, police, lollipop persons etc around who'll visit! :o


Look forward to getting to know you


Sue :D

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Hi Sassy!


Great to get to know you...


We borrowed our lollipop ladies spare jacket and made some road signs to use outside with the bikes, it was a great way to encourage some road safety awareness aswell as thinking about people who help us.


We were also lucky enough to have donated a huge box for a freezer or something and the children made a fire engine out of it. we then turned the whole role play corner into a fire station around our engine with a paper fire displayed on one wall so the children could pretend to put it out. Their interest in it lasted for ages and the only reason we changed it was becausse the box fell apart :o !!

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just like to say a BIG THANKS for all your ideas you all seem a friendly bunch it was great to read all your ideas THANKS again speak to you soon love sassy

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Our EY partnership lends out a "road safety box". Lots of table-top and floor activities, but also, lollipop "person" outfit, fluorescent police waistcoat and gloves, lollipop, beleisha (spelling?) beacons, zebra crossing. We already have some bits and pieces of these (and also traffic lights).


It is great to use the whole lot together, with bikes, ride-ons, buggies (and dolls), cars, petrol pump, doctor/nurse stuff, other dressing up, etc. (we have a huge hall!). I had to be rescued from a tree many times today (luckily there was a bandsaw available). All the emergency services were present.



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We had an oral hygienist in to speak to the children - she was fantastic, bringing lots of resources including role play costumes for them to dress up as dentist, dental assistant, patient. She had a giant set of teeth and lots of little sets for the children to practice brushing teeth.


Good luck with the topic - it's a lovely one to do - bags of visits/visitors possible.




P.S. Child Education have a People who help us poster in the June 2004 issue. It's not specifically foundation stage, but might be worth a look if you need some A4 pictures.

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