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i think i have worked out how to do it


im a chart thing up like the bttm with the development matters at the left handside then a space for to put the number of each obseavtion in at the right hand side


like i have put for Personal Social and Emotional Development - Dispositions and Attitudes each stage starting with birth to 11months etc and each devemplent matters statment for each age groip etc ...


so like i would do an obseavtion on a child link it up to there age and se wherei t matchs up and do the next step to support them in that area that the obseavtion came under etc



But at the end of the week or month should i do an evuation sheet to say like what there did and what stages are met that week or month and how there are doing and if there is anything there is to work on? should i do that

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Hello Hannahgurney and welcome to the Forum. I think we need a little more information so that we can help you with your query. I think we all do our obs and assessments in different ways, and these are something that are agreed within our own settings. Certainly we would be making regular observations and matching them up to BT3 or Stepping Stones to track development. If you do a search on observation and/or assessment you will find discussions which may help you.

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For the EYFS


what im going to do is


in the practice guidance for the eraly years foundation stage book , the bit at the back of it where it has all about the 6 areas of learing charts with the handing develpment matters look listen and learn etc


im making a chart thing like i for for my bttm with with deveplment mattars down one side and then a space at the other did to to put the number of the obseavtion in etc


so when i do an obesavtion on one of my children i will match it up with with the devemplent matters and i would make sure i have picutres of it and the piece of work etc


dose that sound ok ?


and when at the end of a week or month or every few weeks i would do an evuation on the child of where it is at etc what stuff we need to work on with it etc


dose that sound ok

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thankyou for that JacquiL... we just needed more clarification of the question Hannahgurney in order to help. It sounds ok; maybe the best thing to do would be to post an example and let those with experience have a look to see if they can support you in anyway.

Failing that, give it a go in your setting and see how you get on with it. Often when drawing up new observation, planning and assessment sheets we don't know how they are going to pan out until we trial them. Best of luck and hope you get it sorted :o

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Well im an asstisnt childminder with my mum and im the one tryign to work it out and and explaning it to my mum


and we had our inpection before the 6 week hoildays


and every body will be doing to there own way whats best for them

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Hi Hannah and welcome.


Without seeing your chart I find it difficult to visualise--perhaps Im a visual learner after all!! but it sounds as if it could work. I have used something similar with profile obs and it worked for me and after all that is the purpose of the chart/grid. Try it and see, as long as you are flexible to modify and adapt as you work with it. Do you have a support group where you could get more help?

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know we dont have a support group in own area



but anyways i think i have sorted as im doing my NVQ level 3 CCLD and my asser came to see my yestoday and she kinda told us what to do


like say if we where doing to do a topic for 2 weeks on animals you could try to cover all the six areas for each child depanding on what stage there at then you would link it up to the framework for each child


or say if the children where playing on the foor and you was jsut set watching them and you see an obseation then you would wrtie it down and link it up and then do the next step to support the child


like in perosal socail and emoaitaol deveplnet card there is


Dispositions and attitudes

self- confidence and self-esteem

making relationships

behaviour and self control


sence of community


then if you look in the practice guidance for the eyfs book and go to the perosal socail and emoaitaol deveplment chart the first heading under it will be Dispositions and attitudes and then under there in the chart for like birth to 11 months under the devemplment matters section it says what areas there should or may be working in


and its them statemnt what you match there work and obs upto

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