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The Perfect Setting?!


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My committee have asked me to write a wish list of the perfect setting, like 1 large room, two rooms, partitions, glass panels etc; we are in the process of raising money for a purpose built pre-school - (been going on for years, so don't hold your breath) but what a lovely thing to do to have to think of the perfect provision. What would yours be like??

(I may steal some of your ideas if they are great - the setting would be for 30 children and a wooden structure has been talked about).......................................


(P.s) A large wooded area is close by to the proposed site...I am already on it with Forest school curriculum) I have even talked to the owners of the wood, still that is a future development.

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Hi Shirel,

I was on a training course for FS last wek and was asked that very question.

As I work in a Pre-school in a community hall an all weather outside area would be on it, as would sand and water indoors, as we are not allowed them in the building!! I would also love to have a room where we could decorate as theme (such as a jungle). In fact it would be lovely to have somewhere we could leave set up, we have to put everything away at the end of each setting.

I hope the plans for a new pre-school go ahead, it must be lovely having a purpose built space that is yours to do what you like with. I'm very jealous!!


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Wide window sills or fixed shelf for plants.

Hand washing facility in rooms.

Childrens kitchen for all those lovely cooking sessions.

An area exclusively for paint, glue, and mess. No worry about the carpets!

A wet room.

Interconnecting doors to rooms, I love it when younger and older can play together, something not usual in a nursery.

A window onto the street.

Low level display boards.

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lots and lots of storage - both easily accessible for the children, but also for you to store the endless amount of stuff that gets collected (so you don't end up keeping it at home!).

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I think there should be a small side room with just a door opening where you can create whatever you like - a quite room, a library, a special role play area, a messy area, a dark room. Not very big but large enough to allow you to keep an eye on it from the room which you can theme up and really make into something special when you want so you can keep adding to it throughout the week month etc. Makes for a good quite time area or rest area or sick area and can double up to moreoreless anything.

Wheeled lockable shelving/storage units to create divisions if wanted

An indoor climbing frame and mats - about £800

An activity cube - £400 - best thing I have ever bought

Play House panels

Design it with as many corners as possible

Use flotex carpeting - marvellous stuff - just wipes clean

Look at carpet vinyl ratio

Could go on but its really hard to get it right.

Community playthings would be a must - expensive but lasts for ages and does not date

Good heavy duty wooden garage and dolls house

and low level dividers

And then there's the things like photocopies, computers, whiteboards etc etc

Get going with your wish list - where do you start and end


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Sounds absolute bliss everyone - I don`t think I can read anymore - I want it all now!


As for me my number one priority would have to be purpose built and no bleep bleep landlord! Imagine leaving everything out and not hauling the entire setting out of a cold damp shed every morning then putting it away again at the end. Wonderful.

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That would be brilliant, my back is hurting tonight, the children chose all the toys that were way out of reach today and we seemed to have loads to put away today. It felt like we would never be finished, oh well I will be getting it all out again tomorrow morning. :o

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community playthings everywhere

doors which lead out to garden area

sand and water areas outside

a real garden where children can dig,( with real tools) plant and explore

an area in the garden for logs which can rot and provide bug habitats

big area for wheeled toys

everything accessible to the children and easy for them to tidy away

room for quiet times, including chat with parents

a big area for messy play[ paint/glue/clay/dough etc]

chalkboards outside and in...........children should be able to make marks outside too

oh, give me the money..........i could go on and on...........have fun, and contact Community playthings, they have free cd's to help with room planning,,,

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a purpose built preschool how fantastic. I have recently visited 2 different childrens centre's, I know they offer more than just a nursery but to me their design was far too 'clinical' for want of a better word. Lots of doors and corridors, stairs, lifts and not very 'friendly/homely atmosphere.


I would say as much natural resources as possible, as you are next to a forest, I would wish for a log cabin style design in a circular formation with the inside centre area as an outdoor freeflow. Lots of large windows which tint as the sun beams too strong...........I could go on.definately like the idea of a wet room...all this I have seen in Sweden as a design for a kindergarten.



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..is where


...the children are happy,learn and want to come

...the parents are supportive and appreciate the efforts of the staff

...the equipment is safe and suitable for purpose

...the space we work with is light, airey, warm and welcoming

...the outside area is organic and not 2d

...the staff are paid well and work in a supportive and caring team

...other agencies acknowledge, respect our judgements and listen to our concerns then act

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I agree with the Community Playthings products, the company are amazing and really helpful, their products are beautifully made, with such thought and craftsmanship and last for ages - VERY expensive but really worth it. Windows that reach the floor so that babies and small children can see out, cosy areas for sleeps, areas that children can change into dens etc. freeflow access inside/outside, perhaps a large central airy, light atrium like in Reggio Emilia Nurseries. A large safe greenhouse so children can grow peppers, cucumbers etc for snack. Round tables so everyone can see each other.


Oh to have this magic place .....



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