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Oooh my! - just had confirmation of my first tutorial (E123) with the OU. THIS SATURDAY!!! Feeling a bit scared now. Anyone else got theirs?

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My first tutorial is on 13th October here in Leicester.

My tutor has introduced herself, finally, along with the other 12 members of the group. I've been getting intruductory e-mails from them all day. Looking forward to meeting them soon.

Good luch with your Hen Lady!!!


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Hi myhenroxanne


I know that scared feeling only too well - it is just how I felt when I received the details for my first tutorial back in 2003. xD

I was so apprehensive about walking into a room full of strangers but believe me it was absolutely fine!


My tutor was delightful and I soon realised that all the others in the room were feeling just as apprehensive as I was.


Now four years on some of those 'nervous/scared/apprenhensive' students are still in touch, and a couple have become great friends :o


Tutorials are a little bit like other things in that it is the first one that's the 'worst'.


Do try not to worry and I am sure you will enjoy Saturday and the time will fly by.


Do let us know how it goes.

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I have just had an email of one of my tutors introducing herself, have not heard from the other one yet, ( i am doing E123 and E124).


I have just been on the OU website and have discovered the dates for my first tutorials, only to find out they are miles away from where i live ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :o .


I will have to travel to Chelmsford and Ipswich on different dates thankfully for each course and on Saturdays, i had been led to believe the tutorials would be in my home town, when i asked on the phone, but they are not, was not prepared for this. Up to now i have been very impressed with everything about the OU. Ah well, i had better get my skates on and get my driving test booked,until then its travel by bus and train. Does anybody know what actually happens at the tutorials, is it like going to class for discussions etc, or is it just to discuss how you are getting on with the course. My first tutorial for E123 is on Saturday 27th Oct in Chelmsford at Anglia Ruskin University and my E124 is on Saturday 3rd Nov in Ispwich St Albans High School.



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