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xD OFSTED arrived today. :(


Lady came at 10.15am (1 hour into session) seems very nice. We are sessional mornings only pre-school.


She has taken loads of files away with her and will be back again tomorrow. No doubt tomorrow will be a full on questions and answers day due to the fact that she arrived quite late this morning.


Will now spend rest of afternoon, fine tuning some of the paperwork she hasn't seen and that i've been meaning to do for a long time.!!!!!!



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Good luck from me - hope your new ones are all settled/settling in. I don't know which is worse ....... the beginning of the school year or the end ....... or maybe just anytime !!!!!!!!!!!! :o


Hope all goes well!

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Gosh, you had lots of paperwork at Nursery. Well done! I don't have anywhere at nursery to leave my paperwork so the majority of it is at home, including my Operational Plan (2 huge files), and I lug back and forth the ones I need to refer to regularly......... What do you think I should do? Will Ofsted still accept that? They did last time... :o

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Just think only 3 more working hours and it will all be over. :oxD


Seriously, do sell yourself, don't assume that the inspector will see all the positive sides of your provision, there is so much that they can't see in the time they have to observe, so let them know, especially good practice that happens out of this particular term ie: transitions / links with schools, parent contributions at annual celebrations / events, maybe show them examples of your transition reports to show how the children have achieved well before going to school, this won't be evidenced with your new / younger childrens assessment files.


Just be yourself, try to relax, easier for me to say I know, and good luck.


Let us know how it all goes, glad to hear she seems like anice lady.



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Positive vibes, here Brenda!!


LJW - is it really a good idea to NOT have your Operational Plan in the setting?? It is, after all, a guide so in the dire circumstances of you not being around (for whatever reason) ANYONE (within reason) can run your setting. Is there nowhere you could leave that one piece of documentation, that was safe??



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I have to agree with Sue............and because I know that emergencies can crop up at any time! Two years agao, i went into hospital for what should have been a ten minute test.....but which went disastrously wrong.....so i ended up in intensive care for 15 days, and stayed in hospital for 6 weeks............and recuperation took several months.My girls were able to carry on, absolutely admirably, i must say, because all the paperwork was there.the only thing they had to trouble me with was signing cheques (you should have seen how wobbly my signature was!!!).They telephoned Ofsted and then backed it up with letters, explaining what was going on, and they were actually very helpful.We didn't have an inspection (in fact, thankfully, they had come exactly a month prior to all this happening, but the girls would have coped i know), but they would have needed the paperwork to be in place. Can you not have a locked filing cabinet in the building??My premises are shared and that's how I store my confidential/important paperwork.

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:oxD:( ITS ALL OVER!!!!


Inspector didn't arrive again this morning until 10am because she couldn't find us! (did I miss something, did we move in the night). She missed out on our settling in, registration, and keyworker groups.


Never mind.


Pre-school finished at 11.45am. She talked to us from then on and we managed to leave at 3PM!


Anyway, we have maintained our standard of 'good' so we are well pleased.


I think I will now indulge in the diet for stressed woman!


Thanks for all your support, your virtual vibes definately worked :(:(

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we had that happen on the day that they were feeding back to us, she had came and observed on two days running then asked if she could feed back the next day at 9.30 am, she arrived at 10.45am saying that the traffic had been bad, but I will say that she was very nice and joined in with the children even sharing snack with them.



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