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Tommorow i plan to begin the task of sorting the policies out. since we have changed ownership we have been working under the policies of the old nursery, but obviously ofsted require us to have our own.


now we can be lazy and simple change the names on the policy, or as the director has done, we can formulate our own. as i say the director has started this but the thing is, her background is a business manager and she has 'lifted' some policies from her work. these are lengthy and very wordy. ie the shortist policy is three pages long and the director has stuff in it such as:

: Policy summery

: who owns the policy,

: who is responsible for the policy,

: limitations of the policy...

and much more (will check one tommorow and see what each says).... basically i feel they are too lengthy and to 'business like' (as in not appropriate for nursery, but more corporate companies)..


since her background is IT, it is left to me do do nursery based policies...i.e child protection, health and safety etc....


so wanted to ask if someone would be kind enough to post a list of the policies they have so that when i put ours together i know i don't miss any... can go off the old policies but i have an incling they may be missing some policies anyhow.






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This has been discussed before, so maybe try a search. Or, if you list all the policies you have then we can add any others needed that are not on your list.


Why not consider planning to do a rolling programme of policy review, over a period of say a year. Plan to do one policy every fortnight, this will make the task more manageable, will enable all stakeholders to participate and the review will include new learning of the ethos and aims and objectives ( in practice) of your new owners, as you get to know them more, over time.


What is the point if it just becomes a paper excercise? Include staff / parents / employers comments for each review and they are then known and owned by everyone. :o



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What is the point if it just becomes a paper excercise?




I hate seeing a tick sheet for staff to sign saying they have read the poicilies, when in reality all they have done is signed the sheet. It always helps if you put in a couple of speeling mistakes, or something that reads not right :o

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We are a pre-school.


Our policies include:




Behaviour management

Child protection


Equal opportunities

Settling in


No smoking

Non collection of children

Late collection of children

Lost children

Parental involvement

Health and Hygiene

Selecting equipment


Staffing and employment

Student placement


I know there are lots more you can put in. Hope this helps a little :o

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Parental involvement


Hi Brenda, can you tell me what is included in these two policies in your setting? i havent read anything like it in mine, so very interested in learn.



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Hi there,


we have a parental involvement policy which asks parents to sign the rota, act appropriateley within and outside the vicinity of the premeises and it also asks parents to communicate with their keyworker about anything they feel is relevant to their child.


Our diet policy is based around hygiene, preparation and allergies/intolerances.


Hope that helps,


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