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First posting - new member!


I am a class teacher in charge of a FSU with currently 10 Reception (full time) and 15 nursery (am/pm) with 2 staff (Our numbers change every year and we ususally adapt planning as necessary) We have been running the unit for 3 years and we've never been really happy with our planning and structure of the day.


Although our numbers are not big we seem to struggle only having 2 staff, to do everything we need to do.


any examples of planning or words of wisdom would gratefully received.


vicky :o

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Hi Vicky and welcome to the forum :o


Our unit has been running for three years too and our planning has changed and been adapted time after time. We have found what works well in one set of circumstances doesn't work well when something changes (more children fewer adults for example) I would suggest giving Nora Waugh a ring and asking for some ideas she may even offer some free in school support.

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Hi Vicky


don't have any words of wisdom to share as we have only been running as a FSU for the two weeks since school reopened for the autumn term. However I can say that we have already reviewed and tweaked our routines several times.

I did find it very helpful to read through all the topics/postings in the FSU forum before we started and gained lots of advice & ideas which have been invaluable in getting us started.


I look forward to following this post to see if you receive any further replys.



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Thanks to everyone who has replied.


Marion - we've had support from norah and team, but with changes / expectations etc maybe need to get in touch again.


We'll keep plodding on.



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