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Thank Goodness It Wasn't An Ofsted Inspector....

Hello Kitty

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I was asking my mindies some questions i'd found on the Ofsted site to see what it was like for them at my setting.... It was all going really well with comments such as 'I like the games especially the one with animals' and 'I liked it when we went to see the dinosaurs' - much better than the expected 'don't know' and 'can't remember' that I'm sure my daughter would have given! Then we got to rules, what are the rules and what happens if you break them. This was very interesting as they came up with their own like 'don't throw your food out of the window' ??? True but quite random! They did also come up with 'be kind to each other' 'share the toys' etc which I was glad about as I don't like rules to be too negative - you know 'don't fight' 'don't do this' 'don't do that'

ANYWAY! When we got to the consequences part one little lad said 'We get a smacked bottom' OMG!!!

Obviously we don't do this at all and when I calmly asked if I had ever smacked anyone he did look at me like I was mad when he said 'no' but even so... an inexperienced inspector might just have believed him! I think we'll be talking a lot about rules and consequences now!!!

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Oh Kitty your post made me laugh!!


Shortly before my inspection, I asked a 3 year old - 'what do we do when the fire alarm rings?' - we do a fire practice every month but I wanted to make sure if the inspector asked her (which she did) then the answer would be ready.....


She looked at me blankly, then started screaming and running around in circles!!!!


Slightly bemused by her puppy-like behavoiur..... I asked mum - who said that's what she does with big sister at home when dad burns sausages - thinks it's funny!!


We did a fire practice every day leading up to the inspection day and by the time inspector came she'd got it firmly imprinted!!



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