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Sally Featherstone - Little Books With Big Ideas!


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I am just going into my second year of teaching (reception) and on an NQT course, back in June, we were introduced to the Sally Featherstone Little Books with Big Ideas. e.g. outdoor play, maths activities, messy play...They look really good (and so simple) but when I search for them they are singular. I want the set!! Any idea where to get them...or if anybody has them...do you like them? Thanks!!

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:o Hi & welcome to the forum.......

Not much help really, brought mine from amazon but they were brought as singles not in a pack.

Worth buying though...full of ideas and a nice compact book.


I have about 6 but there a many more to get (if i had the money!!!!!)


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Whilst acknowledging the overall brilliance of the Featherstone Little Books, I'd advise to be a bit selective in what you buy. Some have overlapping themes so have a good look through the list and pick the ones you're particularly interested in.


And anyway, as soon as you get the whole set there'll probably be six new ones to buy!


That way lies madness...




PS Can especially recommend the puppet making one - written by a member of our Early Years team in Maidenhead (oh and there's a dance one with a CD written by another member of the team..) What a talented lot they are!

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