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After searching for a year to find the right person to lead our Kindergarten we finally found someone who was qualified and had experience....... in Australia. We employed her and it worked out well, so last month we put in our work permit application with a great rationale. We were told it was a shortage occupation and it wouldn't be a problem.


Our member of staff went back to Oz a few weeks ago to gain entry clearance and is just waiting for her paperwork. All was going well and provisional approval was given until today.


I found out today that the application has been declined! (4 days before she is due to fly back) They admitted a few days ago that it was the first of it's kind that they had seen and didn't really know what to do, so were researching it.


I've asked to appeal as I don't feel that the reason given was factually correct and here is my argument why:


They stated that a level 3 qualification is enough for EY.

I feel that as our ethos is a particular one and we only offer degree training, this is not relevant. If we did offer Level 3, then so be it.

We also teach children of compulsory school age 3 - 6+ years.

The new thinking is that EY teachers hold a degree level qualification.


There argument will be that we can employ a british national who holds a level 3, which in one sense is true (on paper) but we would then have to train that person to work with our particular ethos. So who is teaching until then? To be registered with our governing body we have to adhere to the ethos and we are insepcted much the same as ofsted do (it's a balancing act all the way between the two) so it rules out employing someone without our training.


Am I fighting a losing battle? It's so frustrating, there just aren't enough Steiner Waldorf teachers in the U.K.

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It does make you wonder when people from all over the world can come to Britain with no skills and no job and be accepted.

Slightly off topic, on last nights news I heard that if a european union person lives here, they can claim the full british child benefit even if the child lives in their own country.

Maybe doing it all the right way has provided an easy option for the powers that be to jump on.

Hope it works out for all concerned. :o

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Thank you for your kind words, it does help a little. I just sometimes feel like the EY has actually no value to the people who are saying it is all important.

We strive to do our utmost best in the EY and get slapped back into place at every given opportunity. Don't even get me started on the NEG.


Thanks all for the virtual hug. I will sort it out somehow, it's just smarting at the moment.

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I am guessing that your prospective employee is a graduate. I think your argument is good, especially as the job is in a leadership role. You may also consider mentioning that the government is currently spending public money on the Transformation fund which includes a 'graduate incentive' for employees who employ graduates, which you will be excluded from applying for if you cannot employ this graduate. And to add icing on the cake the Transformation fund is currently very underspent to the point that government are employing researchers to undertake a national study to find out why it is so underspent. ( more expense out of the public purse).


Good luck, I hope it all works out ok.


Just out of interest, does the Steiner qualification enable Steiner practitioners to gain EYPS through the short route? This too would help your argument as Early Years Professional Status is also a government target for early years practitioners.



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I'm making my appeal the best I can but... I spoke to our teacher, last night in Oz, and her boyfriend who is german has said that they could get married and both return to the UK! So at least now we have a happy alternative.

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