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What Does Your Toddlers Room Look Like?


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We are about to combine our children aged 1 year to 3 years in one large building. (At present, they are divided in different buildings)


I was wondering what rooms/areas and resources that you offer children of this age as i want to make sre i am not missing anything.


I have already thought that i need a room which is cosy with cushions and rugs with sensory activities and treaure baskets for the youngest children and also a learning area with table and chairs for the rising three's.

In between that i need a role pay area, small world, construction, creative, large physical area and the obvious things like dining room, nappy change area and sleep room.


It would be lovely to hear how your rooms are set out and what resources that you have which are invaluable to you.


I have also put a link in for a virtual tour of one of our local nurseries in which you might be interested in Starfish Nursery

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