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My manager has asked me to take on a couple of roles over the next 3 weeks to prove that I am capable of the Senior Nursery Nurse position at work. Basically it has been left to me to arrange a 'team building' night out and to try and raise staff morale as it seems to have hit rock bottom at the moment.


It appears to me that there are 2/3 people responsible for this current bad feeling but the trouble is, one of them isn't being recognised as contributing to it. I have tried in the nicest possible way to mention this to my superiors but they are not having any of it. To arrange this night/day out, I went round all the staff on Friday and asked them what their ideal night/day out would be. Most people said a theme park would be good for a laugh, everyone can attend (we have some staff who are under 18, so drinking is out of the question if I am to ensure everyone is included).


I mentioned it to this one particular person and was told in no uncertain terms that she would not be attending because arrangements are often made and people apparently don't turn up. She basically said she wasn't going to put herself out to attend, which to be honest, has annoyed me, because I think as one of the main culprits, she should attend.


I don't know what to do about this situation. I feel like I am being tested as my manager keeps saying 'well, you've done the foundation degree so you'll know all about this...' I haven't even covered this kind of stuff yet.


To be honest, I really need to be able to prove I can do this, not only for professional development, but also the senior position comes with a hefty payrise which I could really do with. I went to this nursery on the condition that this was the job I was given (agreed by my manager and I) and was given 3 months to settle in. We are now another month into my time there and I'm beginning to feel that if this promotion is not forthcoming, I may have to look into alternative employment because the money is a huge factor.


I also just want to show that I am capable and that I can do this job. It would annoy me hugely to think I had failed in something which is pretty basic. I feel like I have done everything that has been asked of me up to now but I am really struggling with this task.

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a hard one....

if it is in their own time and unpaid there is no real reason why they should go unless they want to.


sounds as if the person you really want to go wil not do so no matter what you do...she will always find a reason not to attend....but if you can get everyone else to attend and she does not it could show her lack of being part of the team as she has not joined in where everyone else has, particularly if her reason is that others do not turn up and this time they have.


you have asked what they want to do now try to sort out a when so that most are available and also with enough time so they can make any arrangements needed so they can attend.


Company paying for it and given a budget or cost for staff involved? a good incentive to start is it being free with perhaps with transport as well all together on a coach or mini bus can help too.


Good luck



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The company are giving us some money to start us off. My manager wanted us to go out for a drink but the problem with that is the underage girls who work with us. But yes, it is being part funded by work which is a good thing.


We have arranged a day already, this being the Saturday following pay day as this is normally the excuse. With it being the day after pay day, there isn't the lack of money to use, plus it's being part funded anyway.


Transport has been sorted already, we all work in a large town where there is a large train station so we can all get there relatively easily. I actually live further away than all of them and I don't have a problem with commuting in for this. It will take me about an hour, but its all in a good cause!


Thanks Inge, for your points. They have made me think some more about what we can do.

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Clare remember that you have been asked to organise a staff event - not to guarantee everyone attends.


If you break it down into its constituent parts, think about what you need to do/have done to show that you have the ability to run the project to its natural conclusion.


Firstly you have accepted the task (ownership and responsibility)

You have sought opinion from everyone (consultation and inclusion)

You have identified a day and means of transport (organisation)

You have chosen a venue for the trip based on the replies to your enquiries (compromise)

You have also considered what the barriers are, and how to overcome them (considered a career in sales?)


I agree with Inge: if this person does not accept the invitation to attend it will say more about her views of how she fits into the team rather than reflect on your ability to manage. And if she recruits any others into her game then that will speak volumes.


Good luck with the promotion - and I hope you all enjoy your day!



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My advise is that you have done a great job already. Do a quick check and get them to sign up for going, or write an excuse for not. At the end of the excersise i personally would report back that they took you on to do a supervisory job and as such your professional findings through observation and discussion with all staff is that this particular member fires the bullets for the other staff causing the problems but not being in the limelight. If they want a smoother running ship they should allow you to handle the situation as you see fit, as that is what they are hiring you for.

I have had the same problem in the past, the other managers have not wanted to see what was in front of them. explained in the right way with the right examples has got us moving forwards.


Keep positive and enjoy your role. Life is too short to let people like that get to you.

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