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  1. Minimum Wage Increase

    I have 2 members of staff who this will apply to - being paid just under the newer minimum wage for April. The challenge for me is that my staff are on salaried contracts so their yearly wage plus holiday pay is worked out based on 38 weeks and then paid over 52 weeks. Not sure how I manage an increase mid way through the year. Has anybody done this already and can help?
  2. Please add me to the list for this training webinar.
  3. Staff wage increases

    Just wanted to see if anyone was increasing wages from September and by what percentage? I have two staff on minimum wage(since it went up in April) so looking to increase that but then it impacts on maintaining the differential for other more qualified staff. Trying to find some figures for average wage increases for nursery staff. 3.5% seems to be national average (Daily Telegraph) but my husband who is a train driver only got 2%. Any help please.
  4. We used Boardmaker when making visual timetables for children with additional needs.
  5. I agree completely with Finleysmaid in that getting to know the child and what works or doesn't work is the most important (but isn't that the case for all children!) We were lucky to have good support from our LA special needs support team who helped with different strategies. Visual timetables and picture cues using Boardmaker worked for us, although I was really sceptical at first. Our little one was much happier to follow routines or instructions if the "picture said he had to" rather than an adult. We also referred to him by name all the time, e.g. .... needs to put his coat on now, rather than "you need to". Be prepared to anticipate tricky situations and act beforehand. Our little one really struggled with others coming into his space so we often manoevred other children into spaces a little away when they were playing alongside so as not to have outbursts. Other children became quite accepting of him and his different behaviours after a while although other parents less so. With his parents consent, we were up front to them and any visitors about his diagnosis and the fact that we worked with him in a different way and that our expectations and rules for him reflected his difficulties. Finally, I am the playgroup leader, and the Senco and I was his support person. In a small setting, its what you have to do. Supporting him was the hardest year I've ever had but also the most rewarding. But I won't miss that feeling of always having to check where he was, listen out and anticipate any difficulties at a moment's notice. If I can help with anything else, just let me know.
  6. Powder paint

    I add a bit of washing up liquid. It seems to help it mix although red seems to be a nightmare to get the powder to stop floating on the top and mix in. I always mix with a knife so you can scrape the bottom and sides of the pot.
  7. Claims for funding

    Just looked at paperwork from council about parents claiming for FEEE. Each claim form is now 5 pages long and has to be completed each term. It covers 2 year funding, 15 hours, 30 hours, EYPP and DAF eligibility all on one form and one page is all about data protection. My printing costs are really going to rise, not to mention the time needed to guide each parent through the form. Can see where the increase (?) in funding is going to go! Also, how many other people have to copy and keep a copy of children's birth certificates? In the past, I just looked at them and ticked a box to say I had checked them.
  8. Thanks Hopeytg and I'll message again with more questions I'm sure. She would be doing it with Huddersfield Uni. It's trying to plan for the 6 week placement which is a nightmare. It's a long time for a member of staff to be away from the setting.
  9. All of the above and set a start and finish time and try to keep to it! These review meetings are prone to drag on with information that while it might be interesting is not always pertinent to the review. I try to keep our reviews to an hour, mainly because they take me away from being in ratio, and because other professionals who might be contributing are working to a schedule too . I also offer a cup of tea or coffee to make the atmosphere welcoming. Something that doesn't happen any more in council held meetings "because of the cuts", though I'm sure a hot drink can't cost that much!
  10. Hi Has anybody had a member of staff undertake the Employment based Early Years Teacher training? I have someone who wants to do it and has probably got a place this September but I can't really find any information about how the funding available to us works? While I support her, I'm quite concerned about how, in a small setting with a small team, we manage her being in uni and away on placement. She will have to be away for a 0 -2 years placement for about half a term, and on another Year 1 for two weeks, along with other days at uni. Any words of advice or support from someone who's been through it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Operational Plan

    Do settings get parent permission for children's photos to appear on website where they can be seen by anyone? i was told that parts of the website with photos had to be password protected to prevent general public seeing them, with parents only getting the password.
  12. Do parents pay for the cost of all these lovely things?
  13. inset days

    Starsdance Are you still able to open even though you are used as a polling station?
  14. We have had children, mainly a bit younger, who have done similar. One little girl was a terrible licker, anything and everything, including her pet rabbit! Another would put all sorts in her mouth, mostly playdough, blutack, dried pasta, and would keep a secret supply in her pocket to munch on through the day if we didn't spot it. Don't know if its a sensory thing or just a habit.
  15. A member of staff is looking to do a Level 3 Early Years Educator course. We have researched whats available and have found Learning Station through Reed offering what seems a relevant and recognised course with City and Guilds. However its about £1000 cheaper than other online providers and I wondered if anyone had experience of this course.