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  1. Parents with disabilities.

    Findleysmaid. That is great. I can copy that, drop it her way - just found it in passing, thought of her. Double thumbs up.
  2. Parents with disabilities.

    Hi Mundia. Mum parks in the disabled space and gets herself to the tailgate of her car where she can see the doors when there aren't any other people there. She has to be there nearly an hour early to get that space though!! TA used to bring the first child that far, but no longer. It isn't far at all. The children are mature beyond their years. I let my nearly three year old minded child walk that footpath without holding on, but I could catch him if I needed to - she can't. H
  3. Parents with disabilities.

    You are positively encyclopedic Upsy Daisy. Reasonable adjustments under the DDA 2010. Trumps all else. Thanks so much. I was feeling pretty grim about it all. H
  4. Parents with disabilities.

    Finsleysmaid, that's what I thought, but the family avoid social services. the Dad receives a carers allowance but he has a good job and they don't qualify for any other funding. The school have said something about added risk if other parents are randomly picking up and dropping off. Blondie, I see what you mean about risk to TAs. I think the whole situation involves balancing risk, responsibility, rights and Christian duty (it's a church school). Really none of my business but I thought someone on here might have come across a similar situation and have a definitive answer. Personally I think the Mum is having a bit of a sulk about the change in circumstances and not willing to accept any other arrangement, and the school have had a change in circumstances or don't want the risk. I thought if there was some funding somewhere the school would find a TA/breakfast club worker, or another registered person could be paid to go-between.
  5. Parents with disabilities.

    That would be great Upsy. Thanks.
  6. Parents with disabilities.

    I'm wondering what responsibilities we have to assist parents with disabilities get their children into nursery/school? I've been observing a situation at the school I drop off at. For the past two years the little boy has been picked up from, and dropped back to the the Mother's car by the Teaching Assistant. Now the second child has started nursery and the parent has been told that it's too difficult to keep that up and the children (only just three and five) will be released from the door as long as a 'line of sight is maintained between the parent (who uses crutches to move to the car tailgate), and the teacher, and in reverse in the morning. I know other schools in the area refused this parent any assistance which is why she chose this particular school. I'm thinking there must be many parents in similar situations and I'm wondering how they get their kids to school. Is there funding available? Should care for the children be paid for from Disability Living Allowance? I've lent a sympathetic ear but not offered any assistance as I'm a childminder and don't want to be seen to be touting, but I also know the family through the church we all attend. They haven't asked me for my assistance (professional or charitable). I'm thinking it's all about rights and responsibilities, but this is tying me up in knots. Any ideas? Honey
  7. Contacting HMRC re unpaid fees.

    While I've been away over the summer two payments have been made into the tax free childcare system by a parent. She is newly registered and these were her first payments using the system. Although I am registered and gave her all my registration details, nothing has shown up in my account. Could someone please help me with how to proceed/who to call. Before the hols I'm sure I saw others on here having a similar problem but my searches aren't giving me the answers. Honey
  8. I had a feeling CP was more of a religion than a product. Sandpaper and varnish it is then. Three Hail CP's and a tenner in the poor box for having impure thoughts. H
  9. The sad news is that the local children's centre has been closed. The good news is that the resources and furniture have been shared around schools and other early years settings. I have really done well. Community Playthings table and four arm chairs, a drum, a pop up playhouse, and a brand new Maclaren double buggy. Anyhow, the furniture could do with a bit of a tidy up. Is it sacrilegious to paint CP stuff? Should I really just sand and varnish? Or should I go to town with paint and stuff? Maybe let kids at it? Feeling very lucky. Honey
  10. Toileting

    Choice of seats, potties, steps. Bubbles - always bubbles. Choice of pants. Parents on board. This is the best half term to go in hard. I get a great sense of achievement from toilet training. Enjoy.
  11. Well, it seems not, however I'm watching this space.
  12. I'm a childminder and the school I pick up from only has 11 (out of 30) places filled for September as they are only offering morning sessions and haven't made alternative arrangements for wrap-around.
  13. Confused.com

  14. Confused.com

    Offer the opportunity for children to go home for lunch after first session and come back for afternoon session?
  15. Can pre-school children learn to do science?

    This article and the earlier one on schema are closely linked. I'm coming out and saying that toddlers and preschoolers can't do science in the way the author suggests they might or should. They need good, solid knowledge and understanding of their worlds. Little people find a problem that interests them and maybe become fixated on that problem until they find a solution that fits in with their view of the world. It's our job to identify their questions (their schema) and provide opportunities for the child to discover scientifically correct and meaningful solutions to their problems in a timely way. Child at the centre of the learning. Doesn't mean to say that we shouldn't be making bombs out of bicarb and vinegar - that's just good honest fun, and so is 'Science' when you're bigger.