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  1. Granny Gift!

    I think that's a lovely idea Inge. I buy fabric bags from Hobbycraft in the summer they are about £1. each. we use them for the children's Learning Journeys .
  2. Not too sure, can't find our copy, but would Dogger have positional language, because the toy goes missing and they have to look for it.
  3. doesn't make great reading Steve, but thank you for linking it.
  4. Rosie's Walk. 3 billy goats gruff at a push!
  5. I agree, I watched similar programme a few years ago also called "secret life" same channel and it was so obvious that it was all set up situations and totally unfair on the children - and frankly felt it was for the amusement of the adults rather than anything really serious being undertaken. Decided I would not watch anything of a similar sort again.
  6. Fine motor activities

    cheerios on pipe cleaners for bird feeders pipecleaner and beads in superhero colours we made geo boardswith the pumpkins this year, golf tees, hammers an elastic bands we also used the net bags from washing tablets we found in an old box at back of the cupboard. they filled their bags with all manner of items then had to work out how to close down the toggle keys and padlocks
  7. Planning time at work

    My key persons are paid one hour per week to keep records up to date and we have a planning meeting altogether each week where next steps etc. are discussed and added to the planning board. Staff may write up observations at home and in the setting they can have time inside alone, while the rest of us are in the garden , to stick in photographs, write up reports etc. I would suggest making sure that they are not making more observations than are needed or if it's all a huge problem think about switching to an online observation system like Tapestry when it is all done within normal working time.
  8. loving the rhyme, never ever heard it before - maybe it's a regional thing As Finleysmaid hasn't been along with the rules to her games these are ours! Squeak piggy squeak Child is blind folded and sitting down. Another child is the piggy and makes a squeaking sound blind folded child has to guess who it is squeaking. (years ago they would have sat upon the others lap and may have been tickled to make them squeak) Sardines Little bit like hide and seek, a child goes off to hide, and once one has found the hider they stay with them and squash into the same space as the original hider - as these two are found by another, they squash into the same space as well, hence the term sardines, you just see how many can be hidden in the same small space before all are there. Piggy in the Middle 3 children one in the middle the outside pair throw a ball to each other and the one in the middle tries to catch it, if they do, they become one of the outside pair and the one who didn't catch the ball becomes the pig.
  9. Just thought I would mention what I think is probably a scam. I was rung today by a telephone number from Manchester requesting I pay an invoice of £189. as sponsorship for a Drug and Alcohol book being distributed to schools. On further questioning, I am supposed to have agreed to this sponsorship some time ago, having spoken to this person on the telephone. For one I cannot recall any previous telephone call and two, there is no way I would sponsor that type of money. I did ask what type of school she thought I was running, but she made no comment. The call ended rather abruptly as it became apparent to her that I was not going to part with any money! I could be wrong and it may have been legitimate, but something felt wrong. I did google the telephone number and apparently 0161 numbers are used frequently for those calls you get often at the same time of day, or answer and there's nobody there,
  10. New update ... here to help!

    so you need to go to a page where you see the banner, and then to the lefthand side you will see 4 tabs, one says BROWSE, ONE SAYS ACTIVITY ANOTHER SAYS STORE. Under those there are other labels saying LA Area, Forums, Downloads, Apps. Click on Forums and it looks very similar to the page we always had and scroll down the page and you will find topics you are looking for.
  11. New update ... here to help!

    Just click on Forums just under the banner. They are all still there
  12. I'll leave squeak piggy squeak etc. to Finleysmaid. But how do you play bug in a rug? We play a game where one of the children is hidden under a sheet while one other child is sent out of the room. The rest of the children are sworn to secrecy (ha ha) and the child sent out is invited back in to guess who it is that has been hidden. Amazing how long they are happy to play this but is a good way to keep them fairly calm or calm them down after a more vigorous morning.
  13. We recently tried this one, Hop, Bunny, Hop. Children hop around the hall and when adult shouts "danger" the children must stand still. When you shout "danger gone" they begin hopping again. Different shouts for danger such as, Dragon coming, pirate coming, hawk coming dog coming. Alternative actions, shout rain's coming they stand still with their hands on their heads. Moon's up, they lay on the ground and pretend to sleep, or dinner time, they crouch down and pretend to nibble grass.
  14. In and out of the dusty bluebells, oranges and lemons. Been here before, I think, but we do Persil Funfit from years ago, which is a series of co-ordination, balance techniques etc.we do obstacle courses, we use Sticky Kids. I think BBC schools also have some programmes on the radio which you might look up.
  15. Somebody mention gin?