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  1. That's a good tip, a good cup of tea works wonders. Thank you
  2. Many thanks for your reply much appreciated
  3. Hi All, I am new to the role of SENCo and I have been asked to lead a termly review meeting for the first time. Has anyone got any agenda tips as well as helpful advice as I am very nervous. Many thanks
  4. Just read the above post and I am now confused, are you saying that you will now need to have an EHCP in place to qualify for funding?. I currently support a child who gets inclusion funding but does not have an EHCP in place, they will require funding for the next academic year so should I do an EHCP now?. Thanks
  5. Safeguarding requirements

    I keep reading about the eyfs changing in September is this linked to the new safeguarding requirements or is there going to be changes to the eyfs?
  6. Safeguarding requirements

    I keep reading about the changes to the EYFS which are due to be published in September, is this referring to the Safeguarding changes or is the EYFS changing again?