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  1. Thank you for your reply. Yes we have agreements in place to share information I was just a little confused as to what information to share. Parents will be attending the transition meeting so I'll ensure I have their consent and document this.
  2. Hi, I'm new to the post of Senco and wondered if you could tell me what information do you share when a child with SEN moves onto another setting. Obviously I expect to share recent Individual plans and review meeting notes but what about reports from other professionals?. Also if the child has an Education, Health and Care Plan do you share this or is it up to the caseworker/parents to share this with the new setting. I'm going to hold a transition meeting soon and want to ensure I am confident in what I am sharing. Thank you
  3. The DfE has published the Level 3 Early Years SENCO qualification specification. The qualifications developed from this specification are intended to support early years practitioners to gain accreditation for the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to perform the Early Years SENCO role effectively. The qualifications are not mandatory. This recommended specification has been designed by early years experts and stakeholders supported by the Department for Education (DfE). The DfE has also published a Level 3 EY SENCO job description, which is intended as guidance for early years providers and practitioners to help clarify the role of the Early Years SENCO in non-maintained early years settings.
  4. Does anyone know when this qualification will become available and if so with whom? Thanks
  5. SEND assessment system

    Received, many thanks
  6. SEND assessment system

    Hi, Please could I have a copy too. Many thanks
  7. That's a good tip, a good cup of tea works wonders. Thank you
  8. Many thanks for your reply much appreciated
  9. Hi All, I am new to the role of SENCo and I have been asked to lead a termly review meeting for the first time. Has anyone got any agenda tips as well as helpful advice as I am very nervous. Many thanks
  10. Just read the above post and I am now confused, are you saying that you will now need to have an EHCP in place to qualify for funding?. I currently support a child who gets inclusion funding but does not have an EHCP in place, they will require funding for the next academic year so should I do an EHCP now?. Thanks
  11. Safeguarding requirements

    I keep reading about the eyfs changing in September is this linked to the new safeguarding requirements or is there going to be changes to the eyfs?
  12. Safeguarding requirements

    I keep reading about the changes to the EYFS which are due to be published in September, is this referring to the Safeguarding changes or is the EYFS changing again?