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  1. Class size?

    Hi I'm hoping someone can clarify this issue for me. Next year we have 30 children coming to our 1 form Reception class but we have a Deaf Learning Base which 2 additional children will be joining. In order to access the EYFS the two hearing impaired children will be joining our Reception class for inlcusion. This will take the numbers to 32. My question is, will another qualified teacher be required to join them or is an LSA sufficient? The guidance states: "Reception classes in maintained schools and academies are subject to infant class size legislation.43 The School Admissions (Infant Class Size) Regulations 2012 limit the size of infant classes to 30 pupils per school teacher (subject to permitted exceptions) while an ordinary teaching session is conducted. ‘School teachers’ do not include teaching assistants, higher level teaching assistants or other support staff." As they will not officially be part of my class but coming in for 50% of the curriculum we are unsure whether or not this means a teacher will have to come with them. Hope that makes sense