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We have today published our latest newsletter. If you didn't receive it via email you can access it through this link.
We attended the APPG last Wednesday at Westminster along with the PLA, CACHE, Cheryl Hadland and NDNA. Also in attendance were many representatives from our sector all eager to have MPs hear their voice. The Minister, Robert Goodwill MP, listened…
The switch over to our new look went really well and we are pretty much complete. There are a few niggly bits that we are working on now but on the whole we are done ... hurrah! If you find something that doesn't work as you would expect it to…
We have collected together here all the documents referred to in the recent safeguarding articles. Happy to help!
We are delighted to welcome back Darlington LA who have just renewed their LA scheme for the 6th year. If you already belong to the forum as a Darlington member you need do nothing, your account will automatically be renewed   If you work in…
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